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15 Minutes To A Stress Free You

 Stress Free You

The modern day lives are hectic, to say the least. Each one of us is running a race against time from waking up to gulping down breakfast, getting to work and working round the clock; only a superhuman can come out the other side without feeling stressed. If statistics are to be believed 48% of people admitted to feeling stressed and an alarming 42% of these said they didn’t do enough to manage it. Here are a few instant stress relievers that you could try.

Yoga for the soul

We know how busy you are, or how you’re not just cut out for yoga (all excuses!) but we don’t want you to try any of those complicated poses. All we are asking is that you try the ‘downward facing dog’ or lie in the ‘child’s pose’ and practice deep breathing. This will help the physical tension ooze out and your brain will feel much calmer, so grab those yoga mats y’all!

Deep Breathing

This is the most powerful tool to relieve stress and we stick by it – “When in stress, breathe it out”. Taking a few deep and controlled breathes goes a long way to bring your cortisol levels down and this will make you feel much lighter on the stress side of things. As a general rule you should try this every now and then to feel more in control.

Progressive relaxation

Sometimes, just breathing deep alone does not help and you need to do a little more. Progressive relaxation essentially means calming each part of your body so that the effect eventually shows on your brain. Tense and relax your toes, then legs and all the way up your torso.


While exercise should be an everyday activity, most of us end up slacking on it. When the pressure gets too much to handle, it is wise to do some brisk activity for at least ten minutes. The physical activity will release endorphins which can make you happy, and stress does fumble when it is pitted against happiness. When stress hits you, hit it back with a brisk walk or a flight up the stairs.


Most of the stress amounts from the fact that all of us are real taskmasters when it comes to our mind and body. We work more, eat when we can and sleep even lesser and as a result, our stress graph is always on the rise. Taking short naps is one of the best ways to relieve everyday stress. Even a 15 minutes nap will give your body the rest it needs and make you feel a little less tired.

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