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5 Inexpensive and easy ways to spruce up your home!


While total room makeovers are fun, there are many simple, easy and inexpensive ways to quickly spruce up any room in your home. Check out these budget friendly decorating ideas which will give your home a fresh look in record time.


Illuminate the Aura:


The soft glow of string lights brings in a whimsical feeling and a truly dreamy look. Whether you place them on the bed canopy, use them to highlight art on the walls or, to simply add some ambient lighting on the bookcases and shelves in your house, they’re an easy DIY material to create awesome and creative designing. You can choose from ferry lights sequencing, ping pong lights, bottle lamps etc., they’re all innovative and fresh. Enjoy and let your light shine!


Add a little touch of Nature:


A simple addition of fresh flower in one of your grouped vases can light up your interior and gives a very fresh feel to the entire room as well as it elevates the home style. You can set up a cacti plant at the window, it requires less care and attention. Or, add life to your room by bringing in a bowl of fish. The crafty and creative folks out there can paint up the walls with birch trees and birds sitting on the branches. All of this brightens up the house.


Choose the right colour:


Mix and match is a good combination when you are decorating your house. Give a little more thought to every room and details in the house and set the mood with the wall colour, paintings and the furniture.


Do It Yourself:


Simple and effective DIY ideas look great. The easiest way to have a space that reflects who you are is to style it yourself with custom-made pieces. Create your own Custom Marquee Sign, Word Wall Art, Paper Streamers and Paper Crane Curtains that look amazing! Get your creative juices flowing.


Wall Stickers:


Wall stickers and decals are a trend these days. You can easily find different variations and designs of wall stickers online and order the décor accent that fits in best with your home colour scheme. Then just stick them on plain wall in different rooms, and you will have one of the most chic and classy home décor in just seconds.


Once you start redoing your rooms, you may not stop. That can be a good thing. Making subtle updates to a room is fun and a satisfying form of self-expression and creativity. Your guests and family will enjoy your changes, as well.

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