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5 Monsoon ready vacations


Rains are here and this is the best time to plan a vacation. Rains are a pretty sight and with the temperatures lowered you are bound to have a good time. You will be almost spoilt for choice, whether to head to a rainy paradise or go to places with beaches. We are here to help you with a list of some offbeat places to enjoy the mid-monsoon August and make the most of the off-season prices!

Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

Cherrapunjee practically gets rains throughout the year and is the second wettest spot on the planet. If you relish the downpours of the rain, then Cherrapunjee during monsoons is a must-visit place for you, overlaid with vast panorama and hills, it makes for an invigorating monsoon trekking excursion. You can also see the novel orange flower honey here and the refreshing Meghalaya tea which is wholly distinctive to the Assam or Darjeeling tea. The double-decker tree bridges are a novelty here and a unique experience that one can have the best in the late monsoon when the lushness is in full bloom.

Lahaul- Spiti

The beauty of Lahaul- Spiti is showcased in its valleys which are blessed with nature’s best. It is one of the least populated regions and is fitting for a vacation where one is seeking solitude. It also offers many adventure pursuits such as Skiing along with Yak Safari and impressive wildlife tracks. There are magnificent monasteries that warrant a visit alongside some lone shrines that talk of the practices and religion of this region. During winters, Leh-Spiti is not accessible for most of the people as the Manali-Leh route is shut and the other route from Shimla via Kinnaur also witnesses lots of landslides and heavy snowfall. Hence, Lahaul-Spiti is one of the best places to visit during monsoons.


Udaipur is regarded to be one of the most idyllic cities of the world and has correctly been given the tag of the “Venice of the East”. Also known, and rightly so, as the City of Lakes, this is also a historically notable place as it prevailed as the capital of Mewar for several centuries. The main draws of the city are the Udaipur Lake Palace and the City palace located in the heart of the Pichola Lake. One of the best times to tour Udaipur would be in the rainy season as you get a break from the piercing heat Rajasthan.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you are one who wants to see rains but occasionally then you should visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The rains are on and off here and most days are sunny. If it’s bright, you can hit the Beladaru beach at Batarang Island. Even when it does rain there are an array of  indoor activities that will keep you occupied. Other areas to tour here are Radhanagar, dolphin resort, Cellular jail, and Phoenix Bay Jetty which is quite a vision during in the monsoons. August is an off-season in the Andamans and that means that the trip is more economical than usual.


Goa is an all-year favorite holiday spot in India and that holds true even during the monsoons. Even though the usual beach and water sport activities are not available, there is a lot to do there other than these usual activities. There are quite a few places you can trek to which make for a great adventure trip. South Goa is lush this season and a sight to behold. Goa in monsoons essentially means 2 sunny days and one with ferocious rain. Do carry your umbrellas and cameras.

Monsoon vacations are a perfect time to just chill and relax and let your stress just lift away with the lush greens or the oceanic views. Just pack your bags and head to your dream locales while the rains cast their spell.

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