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5 Things You Need to Throw Away From Your Closet

Out of Fashion Stuff

There was a time when wearing a pink belt and pink shoes with a pink t-shirt and blue jeans was in fashion. Thankfully that time is long gone! One of the most exciting and wonderful things about fashion is its ability to constantly change and evolve. This not only gives different things an opportunity to make a splash in style but also the chance for you to get rid of the not-so-good ones. Every season brings in a new set of trends and it is also the time to get rid of things that are causing nothing but fashion disasters. After all, the only thing that’s worse than being lousily dressed is being dressed like last season!

To be fair, fashion disasters are rather easy to avoid- all you have to do is keep some things away from your wardrobe. If you’re still clueless as to what’s in and what’s out of style this season, here’s a list of things that you totally need to throw away, just to get you started. Get rid of these from your wardrobe and you’ll be on your way to perfection!

Harem Pants

There was a time when every girl on the street was seen wearing these. Here’s an update – that time is definitely not this season. Harem pants look completely ridiculous in today’s times – you can’t wear them to a party, they’re way too laid-back for even a mall. The only place you can still where these? Inside your own room, locked away from the world! Well-cut trousers and comfortable palazzos are the way to go.

Cut-Out Shoulder Tops

Another top trend couple of years back but, if you want to show off your shoulders you can always wear tank tops. Why wear something that looks awkward? You can always wear halter neck tops to show off your shoulders or even sheer chiffon tops that are all the rage this season.

Boyfriend Jeans

It’s a trend that’s always received a mixed response from the fashion police and this year, they’ve officially given it thumbs down. Boyfriend jeans don’t refer to literally wearing your boyfriend’s jeans; it’s a slightly slouchy fit that doesn’t grip your legs. But this fit is no longer in style. If you want to wear lose fitted jeans, just go for regular over skinny fit!

Baggy T-shirts

Look around and see – everyone’s going for cropped tops and well fitted tops. It doesn’t make any sense to continue wearing loose, baggy t-shirts and tops that hang on your body. They make you look bulkier and are rather unflattering. If cropped tops aren’t your thing, go for regular t-shirts that fit well.


For the record, these were never in style and thankfully so! Stockings have the power to make every dress look bad and it is best that you keep these away from your closet as much as you can. Besides, they look really tacky!

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