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5 Ways to battle midnight food cravings

Header - Battling Midnight Snack Cravings

Ever noticed that a few hours after dinner, when it’s time to hit the bed you find yourself craving for something to munch on. In spite of knowing how detrimental this is for our health it’s hard to stand in the way of midnight snacking. While letting go of this habit might take a while, there are a few damage control steps we can all take.

1. Stack up on low-calorie midnight snacks

Nuts and milk

When your body starts craving for ice-cream post 9 ‘o’clock, giving in will just bring your diet plan come crashing down, instead opt for a glass of skimmed milk which will halve your calorie intake. Trust us, sugar free jelly, plain low fat yogurt, and sprouts are much healthier options compared to chips and other calorie rich munchies. Even by making minor re-adjustments you can do a lot for a healthier you. Tweak your dinner omelette by adding veggies to it, baked sweet potato wedges can take the place of your fries and do give a chance to stir-fried tofu.

2. Frequent meals

Have regular meals

If you really want to avoid another dinner after dinner, the best option is to have frequent meals during the day. If you skip meals, the likelihood that you’ll be binge eating on midnight ‘soul food’ is more. It would be wise to eat with minimal gaps, after all, a full stomach is a better ally than a starving one.

3. Stay happy, stay healthy

Eat healthy

Your mood has more to do with your diet than you realize. Leaning on comfort food and eating to lift spirits can make your weight skyrocket (we doubt that that bar of chocolate can turn a situation around!) So rather, try to take a deep breath and let the blues pass away. If you must, then the least you can do is avoid the complex carbs.

4. Keep yourself busy

stay busy!

Midnight snacking mostly happens when you try to unwind after a long day and this is the most low-stress way to keep ourselves occupied. While it might sound harmless, you might be adding up inches just for the lack of a hobby. Take up reading books, meditation; the less bored you are, the lesser you’ll snack.

5. Know yourself

Water on bedside table

If you’re one of those people whose self-control is like a sheet of thin ice, then maybe you should treat midnight snacking like an enemy and stay one step ahead of it. Stop stocking up on chips, ice-creams and chocolates altogether (you can’t eat what’s not in your house, right?!)  Also, it will help to keep the snacks at a distance (and not by your nightstand). Keep a glass of water by your bedside table and make it your best friend!

Quite honestly, there’s nothing wrong with snacking once a while but making a habit out of it is destructive. No habit can be broken over a night so take baby steps to let go of midnight snacking, one baby step at a time.

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