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5 ways to make your formals stand out


We all like a bit of surprise element adding a little spark in the eyes when we go out to eat, or buy something, or as simple as dressing up. That can be fairly achieved in wearing casuals but when it comes to wearing formals, we all are tired of wearing the regular grays, blacks, whites and blues. Well, you can actually look smarter and different than others by putting a little effort and using stuff that has been lying waste in your cupboard to an utmost fashionable style statement.

Scarf your look



One scarf, many styles. This is one accessory that never goes out of fashion. Don’t spend a fortune and get a stunning look by just using your scarf right. For a formal look you can opt for a Square Scarf, tie it beautifully around your neck and voila! Style Diva has entered the boardroom.

Unloop to loop right

Old belts lose their strength and that’s when you throw it away. But, it actually becomes an add-on to your accessory collection. Surprised? Tie knots around a little above your waist over a formal dress or even a long shirt. You can use 2 different belts as well, giving you an edge over others in styling and boosting your confidence.

White Button Down


In the corporate world, white is a must have. And solely teaming it with the formal wearable colors is another mundane act. Wear it under your short or old colorful sweaters for a classy look and at the same time break the monotony with style.

Casual cum formal

We all have those typical flea market tops that we wear once and throw them away. But, they actually come very handy when you have to give life to your sad formals. Just team it right and lead the board with your charisma.

Trench it right


Coats are always an in-thing in the corporate fashion styling. However, you can break the dullness by styling it differently. Just belt it over a pencil skirt or use different color belts on top of your coats, preferably long ones and there you are heading inside with a baller status.

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