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5 Ways to Pair Your Shoes With Your Dresses

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dresses

We’ve all got so many shoes and so many dresses and in the end, it’s so much confusion! Here are some easy pairings of dresses and shoes to save you some time and effort!

Summer dresses and Flat sandals

Summer Dresses and Flats

Pair that short or long summer dress, full of floral prints or summer colors, with flat sandals. Summer is the time to be free and comfortable, the flat sandals let your feet breathe in the sweaty summer days and you can be at ease with yourself and enjoy the sunny days.

Little Black Dress and High Heels

Black Dress With Heels

The Little black dress or as we say, LBD, looks amazing when paired up with high heels, be it in any color. The heels add to your look as they give an edge to the dress by making your legs look more defined. The heels complete the LBD and compliment your whole outfit.

Maxi Dresses and Espadrille Heels

Maxi Dresses With Espadrille Heels

A maxi dress makes your silhouette look slim and tall. The Espadrille heels are wedges with a bit of detail that adds to your maxi dress, also making you look taller. Also, as it’s not always easy to walk in maxi dresses, Espadrille heels make it comfortable.

Office Suit with Ankle Strap Heels

Trousers With Ankle Straps

Get you professional look on point and pair up those ankle strap heels with your business suit, be it with a pair of pants or with a skirt, they go with both. Ankle strap heels give you the professional yet stylish look thus making them the perfect choice for a business meeting or even a regular day in the office.

Cocktail Dress with Pumps

Pumps and Cocktail Dresses

No cocktail dress is complete without a good pair of pumps. Going for a party or any event for that matter, a cocktail dress with pumps is the answer. The pumps make your legs look sexy and can complete any look that you may be going for. Going for a glamorous look or a simple look, shiny pumps or nude pumps are the solution to ant of your dilemmas.

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