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A Pair Of Wings For Maahika


The red box on the bed caught my eye as I entered Maahika’s room. Next to it lay a pair of gleaming new roller skates. A special gift to celebrate Maahika’s selection in the State Skating Tournament. I picked up the red box and thought back to the day Maahika had first discovered skating, on our annual Diwali holiday to visit her cousins in Delhi.

I want to fly, Mama!”

Crouching and gliding on his steel bladed wheels, Maahika’s cousin brother really did look like he was flying. Naturally, my little daredevil wanted to join in too! I still remembered the avid hope sparking in those bright eyes, harnessing unconquered dreams.

I want to fly.”

And so she did. It hadn’t been an easy journey though. In our tiny army cantonment town, miles away from the nearest big city, we considered ourselves lucky to have access to a good school. But that hadn’t stopped Maahika from dreaming. The first pair of skates were acquired with serendipity, hand-me-downs from her cousin. There had been no stopping her then! Whether it was 6am or 7pm, rain or harsh sun, she kept at it, undeterred by the hurdles and the many falls of the first few days, her love for ‘flying’ taking her though all the initial struggles.

From where will we get all the equipment for roller skating in this tiny army cantonment? Skates, safety equipment, where will it come from? Why can’t she learn something like drawing or dance? Roller skating? You must be crazy!”

Travelling to the city every Saturday for roller skating classes? It’s a three hour journey! You must be crazy!”

Maybe you do have to be a little crazy when you’re reaching for the stars. From local competitions, inter school tournaments to the State Skating Tournament, it had been a journey fuelled by dreams. And a little bit of help.

I picked up the red box and smiled at it. Brand new skates for the upcoming tournament. My Maahi was ready to fly.


At Snapdeal your dreams and aspirations are important to us. The bigger, the better. Our red boxes are not just boxes; they represent potential. Possibilities. And we know that the unboxing of every possibility harnesses a desire to reach for the stars. We know that with every red box delivered, you move one step closer towards conquering your dreams.

That red box does not contain just a pair of roller skates. It contains a dream to fly. The aspiration to be the world’s greatest roller skating champion. Sounds audacious? It should! Because the greatest dream in the universe is yet to be dreamed…


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