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All about Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

Summers came, they conquered and now we are two months short of autumn. The fashion world gave us some exciting options this year especially when it came to pretty summer dresses. Here are the styles we loved and recommend for every girl who wants to look her best.

The print dresses

Printed dresses

Prints have taken over the entire 2016 fashion trends, be it tops or printed shorts they are everywhere. Print dresses are super fun and look very elegant. Print dresses with sandals are a godsend and can be worn to brunches, movies or date nights as they suit every occasion. You can even incorporate the print trend and wear coordinate print dresses.

The slip dresses

Slip dresses are the best dresses to beat the heat and look gorgeous while you do that. A lot of celebrities incorporated this style in their day to day wardrobe and paired the classic denim shift dresses or plain whites that make a stellar summer statement.


As the temperatures soared and then made way for the monsoons, it was a perfect time to put on the breezy timeless summer dresses. You can get them in all different shapes, sizes and prints. If you want a dressier touch you can add heels or keep it casual in flat sandals.

Peek a boo dresses

Lace dresses have always had a classic charm of their own but a lot of the lace dresses came with a triangular slit in the middle giving a brief glimpse of the midriff. These dress look super gorgeous and give a glamorous touch to the entire outfit.

Maxi dresses

Summer dresses and the cute dresses are every girl’s favorite but 2016 saw more and more women opting for the comfortable maxi dresses and pairing them up with boots to give them a boho vibe. Paired with the right accessories or even a simple denim jacket and you have a winner look.

Make sure that you have these trendy styles in your closet and you #Look2016WithSnapdeal.

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