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Bigg Boss Fashion Trends: Dress Up Your Hair

Hair styles

Just like all your Diwali prep and conversations around your home, office and social circles, there’s always some conversation or the other going on at the Big Boss House. People are talking about fashion, relationships and teamwork. This week, we wanted to take a look at and talk about some of the dominant hair styles from the house that you can try if you’re inspired by the residents.

The Man Bun is the latest to arrive to the party but we haven’t seen the style enter the house yet, we’re sure it will someday soon.

Colour me Red

Red seems to be the colour everyone loves and you can see Kishwer sporting the colour. Red highlights have been a trend for the past couple of years and still look very, very appealing. You can try the hair colour that suits your personality and skin tone. We are sure that your locks will stop people in their tracks this festive season and make them admire your hair.

Neat and clean

Rochelle’s bun isn’t far behind on the top hairstyles list, it’s an ideal style for girls with long hair. A neat look that keeps hair in place and is well suited when you’re busy working amidst all chaos on Diwali.

Keeping it classy

Keith’s hair is always sparkling and whether he uses Gel or not, this classy, charming look does need a good amount of Gel to be applied to make an impression. But then, there are those who hate being formal and classy and they can only be, messy. Messy isn’t cute but some guys can really pull it off and girls love the messy look that you can often spot Suyash or Prince donning. They’ve maintained this mess throughout the season and it seems to be the best hairstyle for casual outings.

The girls next door

Fans of Mandana and Yuvika will have noticed that without headbands their girl next door look could never be pulled off in style. You can wear one while you keep your hair open or tie it into a ponytail or a bun.

No matter what crackling style you choose for yourself, don’t forget to keep it classy this Diwali, because like Big Boss, the world is always watching your every move and is waiting for your next fashion statement.

With so many hair trends to choose from, you’ll definitely explode onto the scene in style this Diwali.

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