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Bigg Boss Fashion Trends: Go The Floral Way

Go the floral way!

It’s that time of year again when fun, feminine and flirty is the way to go. The best look to show off your feminine side is to add a dash of florals to your everyday look. Floral patterns don’t need to be restricted to just your clothes. they work perfectly with accessories as well. Scarves, tiaras, hair bands, bags and jewelry are some of the safest pieces where you can incorporate florals into your outfit.

In case you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can try and pair your look with floral print shoes. The floral design trend is not restricted to just your fashionistas but is also spotted in our favorite show, Big Boss.  We’ve seen Mandana carry off her pink floral top , looking completely easy breezy. Of course, the traditional floral dress that we’ve seen on Digangana is the more common way to sport this trend – It looks nice and fresh and is perfect for a girly look at her age. This simple, fuss free look can be a part of your wardrobe as well! Dress it up for a client meeting with a chic blazer or dress it down with strappy sandals for a casual evening out with your friends.

One of the newer ways to incorporate florals is to wear a floral coats or blazers. This works in a professional setting as well as takes away the boring traditional look of the suited attire. It adds more color and pep to the person’s look.

Pairing it right

Everyone dresses to make a style statement. For getting the maximum heads to turn, it is important to dress for the occasion. Different types of floral clothes work for different occasions, and it’s important to not get these mixed up. So the next time you are out for brunch, ditch the traditional summer dresses and try floral pants with a plain shirt. Make sure you let your floral piece stand out by choosing the other piece to be neutral. For work, you can choose a floral print shirt or a blouse with neutral colored trousers. You can also add an interesting look by pairing it a lace shirt or some other textures with a floral blazer. For evening functions you should choose darker and bigger floral designs to look your best. Stand out by choosing your floral print on unusual colors that work for your skin tone. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous!

Why should girls have all the fun?

The floral fashion is not only restricted to women. We’ve seen men carry off clothes with floral patterns equally well. Increasingly, designers are seen using the floral motifs on clothes for men to mark a departure from the traditional oxford shirts. As we saw in Big Boss, Keith carries off his floral coat paired with white quite fashionably, and manages to stand out amongst other contestants. There are multiple floral shirts available for men but while picking one make sure you keep in mind to make only one of the floral garment stand out at a time. You don’t want to end up looking like a walking and talking garden! If you’re hesitant to go the whole way, add a floral touch by using a pocket square with a pattern or wearing a tie with a floral motif on it.

So, break free of the traditional, follow the trend of floral fashion this season and be vibrant and elegant, all at the same time!


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