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Bigg Boss Trends: Frame That Outfit

Trends: Frame That Outfit

What’s that one thing you notice when you look at the various fashion trends of this season’s Big Boss contestants? It’s those trendy, oversized glasses sported by celebs Suyash, Mandana and Keith that instantly takes their style statement up a notch.

A perfect pair of frames is all you need to look classy yet comfortable and yes, gone are the days when wearing big eyeglasses was equivalent to being a nerd. Nowadays, it defines fashion in many ways and here are some tips on how you can carry those wide frames like a boss!

Keep it messy

Just like the Big Boss contestants, it’s okay to keep your look a little messy, because on some days you just don’t want to spend hours to make yourself look super awesome. Pick the most comfortable things you can find in your wardrobe, choose an oversized frame of our choice and yes that’s the look that you can carry anytime of the day.

Classy and Elegant

An elegant formal suit, a pair of shiny black shoes, tied up or combed hair. You have nailed everything you need to make that perfect impression at your workplace but you know what else can make heads turn your way? Go for a full-rimmed black frame or a maroon one to maintain the subtlety of your work wear and look classy at the same time.

Hats on!

There is nothing better than a classic hat to compliment your oversized eyeglasses. Just step out in a comfortable pair of jeans, casual t-shirt or a top and wear those chunky bold glasses with a simple hat. You can even color coordinate your hat and frames to look spot on.

Trendy and Traditional

Stylish eyeglasses can jazz up your traditional outfits too. If you are a guy who likes those ethnic jackets in earthy colours, you should definitely pair it up with a brown textured frame. Gel your hair well and that’s all you need to make a style statement. For girls, you should go for sparkling, cat-eye eyeglasses to compliment your traditional or indo-western attire. Bold lip colour and heavy eye make-up can add the perfect finishing touch.

Colour, colour, which colour?

Go a little flashy with your frame colours. Electric blue, red, yellow, orange – there is a range of shades you can experiment with for your eyeglasses. Opt for wired and you are all set to rock any combination you choose to wear.

Pick your pair of glasses today!

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