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Budget Smartphone Buying Guide

Budget Smartphone Buying guide

There’s no doubting the fact that ours is the tech savvy age, and we are the tech-smart generation. Not only have we grown up with technology, we have witnessed its evolution and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we cannot imagine our lives without laptops, internet, smartphones!

Let us ask you one question – What is the first thing you do the moment you wake up?!

For most of you the answer is – check our smartphones!!

Yes, smartphones are oxygen for tech “addicts” and there is no reason to not love the app-driven, game-friendly, multiple messaging apps enabled phones. Thankfully, due to fiercely competitive markets and brands constantly being at loggerheads, there are many a smartphones in the market which are user and pocket – friendly. When thrown with a plethora of options, the only question then is why and which budget smartphone to buy?

To help you take a decision, we present to you a comprehensive features list, a must-have features list and price comparisons.


Features List

Features List

Most phones today come with a wide range of features. These range from touch types, camera options, display technology, to RAM-processing power and so on, so forth. Below, we give you a comprehensive list of features to be considered.

1. Touch

There really is no buying anything less than a touch phone now, is there?

2. Business Friendly

If your phone is business buddy, then it’s best that you go for one that has the necessary business friendly features – email, messaging access to google spread sheets, etc.


3. CPU/GPU – RAM – Processor

A CPU / GPU determine how fast your phone will operate and how ‘well’ the images will be displayed. When we say ‘well’, we mean the pixels & basic image quality. A higher RAM will directly influence the speed of operation of the phone as this influences the speed at which you can switch between tasks. A higher CPU processor will ensure minimum lag. All in all, a high CPU/GPU – RAM – Processor means an overall superb smartphone!

4. Memory – Internal/External

Every phone uses some basic memory to store the OS and the in-built apps. Over and above, your memory usage and need depends on what you store on your phone – music, games, apps, all or none!

While some phones have the feature of even adding on external memory, most don’t. So be sure to make a smart choice here ‘coz upgrading on second thoughts may not be possible, after all.

5. Music/FM Radio

Yes, a lot of people simply can’t do without music and FM radio in particular. So, here again go for the phone that best suits your needs/requirement.

To be honest, there are over 10 brands in the market, and every phone has its pros and cons. Whats important is knowing clearly what you are looking for in a smartphone, then based on your needs go for the one that suits your purpose just right! To further help you make a decision, heres a list of Must-Have 5 features for your smartphone & a break-up as per their costs.

Must-Have Features

Must Have Features

1. Screen Display

Maximum smartphones come with a TFT display. TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor Technology. A TFT LCD screen (most common) offers better image quality and higher resolution.

Touch screens (TFT based) can be of two types – resistive and capacitative.

In TFT Capacitative a transparent conductor is coated over the glass sheet. So, when a human finger touches this screen a difference is created in the phone’s electrostatic field which sends a signal to the chip in the phone to get the desired action completed.

2. Camera

Gone are the days of basic VGA (video graphics array) cameras. Most of the new-gen smartphones are equipped with powerful cameras ranging from 2MP to 8MP; of course, more the megapixels better the image quality. Apart from the above, the other features to look into are zoom quality, panorama photography options, and image capture quality.

3. Social networking

Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. Whatsapp.

Life is practically incomplete without these social networking apps.

And keeping this human ‘need’ in mind, a whole lot of smartphones either come with integrated, dedicated social media buttons or pre-downloaded apps of the same making it a breeze to use these apps.

4. Battery life

We depend on our smartphones for almost everything, from checking the time to remembering numbers of our friends and family and of course for emails, messages, etc. Due to its multi-tasking capabilities, the battery life of our phones is definitely an all important feature. Most smartphones come with at least a 6-7 hour battery life, but depending on your usage this average may vary for you.

5. Operating system

As far as operating systems are concerned we have 3 major options – iOS, Android and Windows. About 70% of the smartphones released use Android operating systems. Each OS has its own pros & cons and you need to check which OS works best for you before making a decision.

Price Range Classification

Rs.1,000 – Rs.5,000


Smartphones in this range don’t have much to offer. With a RAM of 256MB and a processor of up to 1gHz they neither have CPU/GPU, nor do they include a JAVA chip. Almost every phone in this price range works on the older Android version of 2.3.5 (Gingerbread). They are small in size and have no internal memory, but they do come with external memory of up to 16GB which is pretty good enough for the price. On the brighter side you can enjoy listening to the Radio and access the Internet at 2G speeds.

Options: Nokia X Dual Sim, Karbonn Titanium S2 Plus, Micromax A26, among others

Rs.5,000 – Rs.10,000


These smartphones again may not have a lot to offer, but are definitely a cut above the previous price range. With a business friendly feature and access to Wi-Fi as well as 2G/3G, phones in this range are a steal. Most of them have a 1.3 Quadcore processor, up to 1GB of RAM and are also equipped with a primary camera of up to 5MP. In addition to this, they support USB connectivity and come with larger screen sizes in the 3.5-5 inches range.

Options: MS Lumia 535, hTC Desire 516, Micromax Canvas Express with HOTKNOT A99, among others

Rs.10,000 – Rs. 15,000


Smartphones in this price range offer customers RAM up to 1GB, the latest OS versions and a primary as well as a secondary camera. They are also armed with an LED flash which helps take better quality photographs in low light. These phones come armed with an internal memory of up to 8GB and an expandable memory up to 64GB! with an average screen size of 5 inches, a host of phones in this range come with the limited gaming option making them an apt buy for gaming addicts.

Options: Sony Xperia E3, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Micromax Canvas Turbo, HTC Desire 616, among others

Rs.15,000 – Rs.20,000


At the top of the spectrum you get, well, EVERYTHING!

Smartphones in this range have it all – latest Android/Windows/Apple versions, internal as well as expandable external memory, screen size of 5.2 inches with a TFT Capacitative screen, a remarkable gaming experience, FM Radio, complete apps support and to top it all, it includes every business friendly feature that you can possibly dream of. Some of the latest ones also offer a primary camera of 8MP and a secondary camera of 5MP! These smartphone are not just your business buddies but serve as your entertainment allies as well.

Options: Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Blackberry Z10, Asus Zenfone 6, Nokia Lumia 1320, among others

While the above information just indicates a few of the features that smartphones provide, the real smartphone spectrum is much broader. There are over 10 brands in the market, and every phone has its pros and cons.

What’s important when it comes to buying a smartphone is knowing clearly what you are looking for in one. After going through all the available options, match these with your needs and buy one that suits your purpose just right!

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