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Dear Zindagi- A Letter to Life


Dear Zindagi starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan in key roles is all set to hit the theaters this Friday. King Khan will be seen sharing screen space with Alia Bhatt for the very first time in Gauri Shinde’s directorial venture Dear Zindagi. The movie revolves around a young, fabulous girl, who falls in love [...]


5 Ways to entertain yourself

Ways to entertain yourself

Life can get extremely boring at times. Don’t you think? With the fixed schedules for workaholics or for those family oriented wives for whom waking up at a fixed time and doing their allotted jobs is a necessity, taking time out for yourself should be an obligation which everyone owes themselves to break free from [...]


5 Must Read Travelogues

Must Read Travelogues

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine. Travel is that part of one’s life that one would never know about until explored. One cannot feel what it is to travel until done by self. Be it the experience or the memories travel for many [...]


Friendship Day Movie Marathon


Friendship day is here and for all of you who are movie buffs, one of the most special way of celebrating this day is to round up all your favorite friends and have a movie marathon of all the cult friendship movies that celebrate the unadulterated bond between friends. Here are a few Bollywood movies [...]


Movies for all the Fashionistas

Movies For Fashionistas

For all the people who love fashion and pretty things in life, fashion movies are like their fantasies translated into reality. The things they dream of - good clothes, awesome makeup and an glamorous life that surrounds it. Fashion movies are loved the world over and there is obviously a huge audience for such movies. [...]

Data Lifeline

We may not realise but we are much more dependent on our phone’s internet data than we’d like to admit. Everything's all hunky dory while we have our internet packs and all that round the clock social networking and checking-in, posting pictures, booking our rides and paying our bills. It’s only when the data limit [...]


5 Movies For The Rockstar In You

Movies For Music Lovers

Movies are windows that give you a glimpse into some of the most heartwarming experiences you can ever have. If you are someone who loves music then a great musical movie can really turn your day around. Movies with music as their theme, make you come a step closer to understanding your icons and sometimes just [...]

Man Booker Prize List

We all know the spell that a well-written book casts, how they can alter your existence in ways you could never imagine. In the vast sea of literature, sometimes you may miss some great books. Fret not. Every year the Man Booker Prize sifts through a great many books and short-lists the truly great ones [...]


5 Books That Will Make You Want To Travel

Books That Will Inspire You To Travel

Books have the power to change lives, bring about revolutions and in some cases inspire this urge to just pack your bags and take that journey you’ve always wanted to take. Here’s a tidy list of books that will make you crave a holiday and won’t stop nudging you till you’ve finally taken that trip. [...]


Things to do on a Sunday by yourself


Do you sometimes feel short of things to do on a Sunday? One of the most fun things to do is to indulge in yourself. We are putting up a list of things you could give a shot! Rest assured it will leave you in a great mood. Start with an Exercise   Indulge in [...]