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Colour Survival Guide for Holi


Holi Hai! It’s that time of the year again when the fragrance of gulal and gujiya lingers in every house. Traditionally Holi was played with natural colours made of flowers and herbs. But with time, they have been replaced with chemicals and dyes. These chemicals lead to skin allergies, rashes and damaged hair. Remember the [...]


Walking Towards Ourselves by Catriona Mitchell


‘These are transformative tales and they carry the texture and nuance of being Indian, and of being women, within them. They bring alive a revelatory panorama of struggle and survival, sorority and resistance, and remind us that we are each other’s stories.’ – Namita Gokhale India is in the throes of a gender revolution. What [...]


I Made A Booboo by Shivangi Sharma


Shivangi Sharma's debut book by Rupa Publications titled 'I made a booboo' hit stores recently.  This rib tickling narrative complete with twists and turns is based on her own story as a first time parent that readers will easily relate to and laugh along. Among the spate of parenting guidebooks available in the market, this [...]




Antisocial. By Arun Krishnan. Harper Black A young man jilted in love can react in several ways. Murder is one of them. On a cool summer evening in New York City, Arjun Clarkson, a bright advertising executive, is having a drink with his ex-colleague, Emily Hayes, for whom he has nurtured an unspoken affection for [...]


Top 5 Books You Should Read Today

Top 5 Books You Should Read Today

It’s said that reading is by far the most successful pursuit of happiness. As March is the ‘National Reading Month’, we decided to introduce you to 5 most brilliant books that you should read in your life time! So, step away from the computer for a while, crack open one of these to refresh your [...]


A new job, a new dress, a new project or anything that’s beyond the regular is something that excites all. We all want and also love to innovate and move towards the best. And that’s what makes us write this blog. Take a look at Snapdeal’s innovative, fun and quirky products and you are sure [...]


The Girl Who Ate Books: Adventures in Reading

The Girl Who Ate Books

Nilanjana Roy is a much familiar name in Indian journalism, known for her writings on food, gender, culture, but most of all, on publishing. She has been writing book reviews, columns, essays and features for over two decades, bringing news of writing from across the world, spanning different languages and centuries, to readers closer home. [...]


Olive Witch: A Memoir By Abeer Y. Hoque

Olive Witch

Abeer Y. Hoque’s story is about the search for home – as also a search for who she is. Born to Bangladeshi parents, Hoque grew up in Nigeria in the 1970s. The country was flushed with oil money then, building new universities, but hanging on to old colonial habits. In the small sunlit town she [...]

Gifts for your BFF on Valentine's Day

Who says that Valentine’s Day is only meant for couples? The day is meant to celebrate love and love can come in the form of your friends too! Friends are the ones with whom we have shared our craziest, funniest and saddest moments. They know how crazy we are and still love us. We know how [...]


Bigg Boss Fashion Trends: Go The Floral Way

Go the floral way!

It’s that time of year again when fun, feminine and flirty is the way to go. The best look to show off your feminine side is to add a dash of florals to your everyday look. Floral patterns don’t need to be restricted to just your clothes. they work perfectly with accessories as well. Scarves, [...]