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Fashion Tips

Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid

Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion is a revisionist and an ever-growing enterprise where trends are cast away and brought back even before you know it. We are barraged with new trends on an everyday basis and seldom, we get side-tracked, give in to whims and commit these fashion faux pas. It is natural to get confounded with all the [...]


Life Changing Makeup Hacks

Header - Makeup Hacks

Makeup is like a little box of magic, one swoosh and it turns your day around. Many think of makeup as superficial but only a real lady understands that it’s an armour. With a matching confidence, and equally dashing makeup any woman can be a power machine. However, what to do when you have makeup [...]


Bigg Boss Fashion Trends: Go The Floral Way

Go the floral way!

It’s that time of year again when fun, feminine and flirty is the way to go. The best look to show off your feminine side is to add a dash of florals to your everyday look. Floral patterns don’t need to be restricted to just your clothes. they work perfectly with accessories as well. Scarves, [...]


Bigg Boss Fashion Trends: Dress Up Your Hair

Just like all your Diwali prep and conversations around your home, office and social circles, there’s always some conversation or the other going on at the Big Boss House. People are talking about fashion, relationships and teamwork. This week, we wanted to take a look at and talk about some of the dominant hair styles from [...]


Bigg Boss Trends: Frame That Outfit

Trends: Frame That Outfit

What’s that one thing you notice when you look at the various fashion trends of this season’s Big Boss contestants? It’s those trendy, oversized glasses sported by celebs Suyash, Mandana and Keith that instantly takes their style statement up a notch. A perfect pair of frames is all you need to look classy yet comfortable [...]


How To Look Your Patriotic Best

Independence Day

This Independence Day, like every year, the whole nation is thinking of ways to celebrate. It is a day when the entire nation unites, putting aside all differences and remembers all those who fought for our freedom. Everyone is looking out for ways to show their love for the country, offices are decorated, schools have special functions, [...]


5 Ways to Pair Your Shoes With Your Dresses

Pair Your Shoes With Your Dresses

We've all got so many shoes and so many dresses and in the end, it's so much confusion! Here are some easy pairings of dresses and shoes to save you some time and effort! Summer dresses and Flat sandals Pair that short or long summer dress, full of floral prints or summer colors, with flat [...]


5 Things You Need to Throw Away From Your Closet

Out of Fashion Stuff

There was a time when wearing a pink belt and pink shoes with a pink t-shirt and blue jeans was in fashion. Thankfully that time is long gone! One of the most exciting and wonderful things about fashion is its ability to constantly change and evolve. This not only gives different things an opportunity to [...]


Crack The College Look

College Look

The goal for the first day of college and thereafter is and has always been, ‘dress to impress’. First impression is the last impression, and you might not get another chance to change it. The clothes you wear are the first thing people notice about you; don’t give anyone the opportunity to put you down [...]


5 ways to make your formals stand out


We all like a bit of surprise element adding a little spark in the eyes when we go out to eat, or buy something, or as simple as dressing up. That can be fairly achieved in wearing casuals but when it comes to wearing formals, we all are tired of wearing the regular grays, blacks, [...]