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Get Phony!

Get Phony!

We are fast approaching the last quarter of 2016 and it’s an exciting time to get a new phone while you wait for your luxury phones to be launched next year. A lot of new phones are doing the rounds in the market and are super popular. Having said that, these phones also make for [...]


Cover It Up!

Cover it up

If protecting your gadgets is always on your mind, it’s time to ‘cover’em up’! Every gadget freak loves covers because of their sheer nature of playfulness and how they personalise your favorite gadgets. Covers are an extension of your identity and the good news is that they are easily available in the market and make [...]

Header - Accessories Photography Lovers must possess

There is something very freeing about photography. There is this innate sense of capturing the present for future and only someone who loves photography will understand this. A photography enthusiast is an artist and if you are one of those who love capturing memories for the future times to cherish, here is a neat list [...]


Jawbone- A must have for the health buffs

Jawbone For the Fitness Savvy

Activity trackers are the new fitness fad these days and why wouldn’t they be? You can watch your steps (literally), set challenges for yourself and get more attuned with your body. It’s a brilliant tool which if used productively, can become a inventive aid for motivation. Whether it is the budget-friendly UP Move; its successor [...]


10 Phones under 10,000!

10 Phones under 10000

We’ve all gone through those days when the smart phone we want is way out of our budget, and the pleasure of having a device with the ability to browse the internet or click amazing pictures seems to be too expensive, but those days are now over! Here’s a list of 10 phones under 10k [...]


Meet BLU Mobile Phones, Now In India!

BLU Mobile Phones

BLU Products, one of the fastest growing mobile phone manufacturers in the world is now in India! Headquartered in Miami, USA, BLU has sold over 25 million mobile devices in more than 40 countries across the globe. You can now buy your own BLU mobile phones on Snapdeal, with the launch of BLU Win JR [...]


Guide to Buy a Fridge Most Suited For You

Fridge Guide

Buying a fridge can be a hassle at times. A wide range of options from so many different companies only adds to the confusion. We know what you need – Help. Here is a wide range of fridges to help you buy a one most suited for you, because everyone has different requirements and we're here to [...]


5 Kitchen Appliances for the Health Freak in you

5 Kitchen Appliances For The Health Freak In You

  If there is a health freak in you, a perfect kitchen is what you need. Eating healthy is the best way to keep all diseases and illnesses away, eating healthy is the best way to stay fit, eating happy is the best way to stay happy. Give the health freak in you exactly what [...]


It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone

Upgrade Your Phone

Smartphones create a buzz where ever they go, attracting a lot of attention on the way. The reason is simple, everyone in this day and age owns a smartphone, each for their own reason. With the wide range of options out in the market, choosing a smartphone is not always an easy choice to make [...]


5 Essential Gadgets For A Bachelor Pad

Gadgets for your bachelor pad

Thinking of setting up a bachelor pad? Out of ideas? Snapdeal is here to help! Setting up your own bachelor pad shapes your behavior and level of happiness in the outside world. Your pad, is your place of retreat and who wants to retreat to a place they don’t fancy? Here are a few essential [...]