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Gadgets for a better driving experience

Driving can get really boring at times and this can affect the concentration you have on the road, in a bad way. You need to ramp up your personal driving experience so that you can get the most out of your vehicle. Snapdeal has the perfect way to do this. Here are some gadgets for [...]


It’s Time to Revamp Your Room

Revamp Your Room

  Every now and then, do you look at your room and say, “this needs something”? Do you have this urge to turn your room into something new, something fresh, something that defines you? Here are some essential gadgets/appliances that will give your room a makeover, turning it into something you really own, someplace you [...]


Lightweight Laptops for Travel Freaks

Light Laptops

Most People do a lot of travelling, be it for a job or be it for a vacation and no one wants to travel heavy. Snapdeal is here to help. Do you travel a lot? Often feel that your heavy laptop drags you down? Then now is the time to change. Here is a list [...]


How to Get the Best Out of Your Camera

Get the best out of your camera

Do you sometimes feel that the photos you take are not good enough? Have you ever wondered what the best way to take photos is? Are you planning to change your camera? What if we told you that your camera is just fine, it's the lens that needs some help? The most important part of taking [...]

Xolo Era

Rightly called the new era for India, XOLO Era might be the smartphone you all have been waiting for. XOLO’s latest budget entry, the XOLO Era is all premium and bigger except for the price of Rs. 4,444. No folks, you aren’t daydreaming. J Packing in a 5inch FWVGA display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 8-megapixel rear [...]


5 Gadgets That Are Life Savers

Life Saving Gadgets

Everyone seeks comfort in the smallest of things. Why carry big heavy laptops when you can easily carry a pocket friendly storage device? Or how about a device that helps you out in darkest of times by lighting it up in the nick of time? We have some gadgets that save you in the most trying [...]


5 Gadgets to Save Your Time in Kitchen

Kitchen Gadgets

For some of us, the kitchen is not where we want to spend a few hours right after work. But avoiding this is next to impossible if one wants of have a healthy, home-cooked meal or stick to a budget. Especially in the summers, the kitchen isn’t always the most inviting place in the house. [...]


Coolpad Dazen 1: Do more with the power of LTE

CoolPad Dazen1

‘Cool looks and impressive performance’, this is what best defines the new-generation Dazen 1 smartphone.  This snow white beauty sports a matte finish which spruces up its appearance and builds a classy impression wherever you go. The slightly curved edges of the device along with the neat black bezel design concoct a high-end look and [...]


5 Laptops That Will Fit Your Budget

5 Laptops That Will Fit Your Budget

Technology is all around us. So much so that even a minute without using some gadget or device feels weird and almost impossible to deal with. At work or at home, we’re constantly spending time with something or the other. And the most amount of time is devoted to two things- mobile phones and laptops. [...]


5 Trendiest Gadgets In The Market

Trendiest Gadgets

For a gadget freak, there’s no such thing as too many gadgets. Considering how fast exciting new products hit the market, there’s never a dull moment in the life of any gadget lover. However, not every gadget is worth it and for those who like to think hard before making a purchase, it’s important to [...]