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Eating Right During Monsoon

Monsoon Diet

After the scorching heat of summers, doesn’t it feel wonderful to be welcomed by the cool monsoon showers? However, as nice as the rains might be, they pose certain health risks. Monsoons reduce the immunity of the body and hence we are more susceptible to falling ill during the rains. Allergies, indigestion and infections are [...]


Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Lose weight in a healthy way

Being overweight is a problem a lot of people complain about. Since fit is so high on our priority list, we often see people going on hardcore diets, losing kilos in weeks and then gaining it back. Not only does that cause frustration but it is also very unhealthy. Healthy weight loss doesn't happen overnight [...]


2016’s Top Health Trends

2016's Health Trends

Gone are the days when people would load up on carbs and neglect workouts. As awareness about wellness is spreading, people, especially generation Y, is getting more health conscious than ever. The notion of a sound mind residing in a healthy body is catching up. Look around and you’ll see that a number of super [...]


The Magic Of Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet

Look around and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a number of people who have suddenly started branding themselves as ‘health buffs’. Amongst the many things you hear from them, one such is the ‘gluten-free diet’. Gluten is the protein which holds wheat together and gives it shape. Essentially a gluten-free diet is one that excludes [...]


15 Minutes To A Stress Free You

Stress Free You

The modern day lives are hectic, to say the least. Each one of us is running a race against time from waking up to gulping down breakfast, getting to work and working round the clock; only a superhuman can come out the other side without feeling stressed. If statistics are to be believed 48% of [...]


Drink your way to health with homemade drinks

Summer Drinks

The one very obvious and rather dangerous side-effect of the hot weather is dehydration. Keeping your hydration game on is the biggest favour you can do to yourself this summer. If water seems too bland for your taste buds, there are a number of DIY energy drinks that you can make, and trust us, making [...]


Jawbone- A must have for the health buffs

Jawbone For the Fitness Savvy

Activity trackers are the new fitness fad these days and why wouldn’t they be? You can watch your steps (literally), set challenges for yourself and get more attuned with your body. It’s a brilliant tool which if used productively, can become a inventive aid for motivation. Whether it is the budget-friendly UP Move; its successor [...]


5 Ways to battle midnight food cravings

Header - Battling Midnight Snack Cravings

Ever noticed that a few hours after dinner, when it’s time to hit the bed you find yourself craving for something to munch on. In spite of knowing how detrimental this is for our health it’s hard to stand in the way of midnight snacking. While letting go of this habit might take a while, [...]


5 Habits You Need To Break This Summer

Summer Habits To Ditch

Summers are here and so is the discomfort associated with it. The scorching sun and the rising humidity can make anyone lose their cool. However, before we start wishing away the summer already, we need to realize that some of our habits are probably to be blamed too. Here’s a list of habits to ditch [...]


Ways to a Happy Skin Everyday

Ways to a Happy Skin Everyday

Can you go natural and get a great looking glow? Yes, you can if you follow these simple tips for creating the gentlest beauty regimen ever. Believe us, it’s not that difficult. All you need is a bit of commitment and self-love. After all, you are worth it!   Cleanse, Scrub, Tone, Repeat This routine [...]