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Five Ways To Stay Hydrated This Summer!


One’s sole desire amidst summer’s sweltering heat is to either relax at a pool side or escape to a hill station for a getaway. However, most of us have busy schedules and cannot make time for such mini escapades. Irrespective of that, there are a few things we must abide by in this season to [...]


5 Kitchen Appliances for the Health Freak in you

5 Kitchen Appliances For The Health Freak In You

  If there is a health freak in you, a perfect kitchen is what you need. Eating healthy is the best way to keep all diseases and illnesses away, eating healthy is the best way to stay fit, eating happy is the best way to stay happy. Give the health freak in you exactly what [...]


Fitness is a Matter of Choice

Milind Soman - Fitness is a choice

Milind Soman won the title of “Iron Man” this year at the age of 50 years. This required taking part in a triathlon, which included swimming through the Zurich lake, cycling for 180.2 km and finally run a 42.2 km stretch in a time frame of 16 hours. He completed it along with 4 other [...]

Interval Training

We’ve never been more into fitness than today. Take a good look around you and you’ll find more gyms than ever, more people running in the park than you’d have ever seen and more people attending yoga classes than they ever had. The fitness revolution has officially come about in India and we’re working out [...]


Full-Body Yoga Routine For Beginners

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga might be an ancient way of working out our mind, body and soul but there’s been no ‘cooler’ time than today to start practicing it. With Yoga schools opening up, celebrities both national and international going for it and our Prime Minister motivating the entire nation to bring Yoga into their life, everyone around [...]


The Truth behind Fattening Food Myths

Food Myths

We have a strange equation with food- we’re either eating too much of it or too little. And it’s mostly the wrong things as well. In the pursuit of health and fitness, food is the first thing to get compromised. We’re willing to go on crash diets, eat only salads and protein supplements and do [...]


5 Anti-Ageing Foods You Should Eat

Anti Ageing Foods

If there’s anything more valuable than money for modern-day individuals, it is definitely youth. No one wants to grow old and therefore turn undesirable. This bound-to-fail attempt at capturing and restoring youth is a never ending task as the body which each passing minute is deteriorating. Try as hard as you may but as they [...]

Stay Hydrated

Sun is up and we're back with the latest summer trends. While it’s good to look fabulous, it’s even better to change your habits in order to stay hydrated during this season. Heat can be bad for your body if not taken care of. It is advisable to drink bottles and bottles full of water to [...]


Easy to Make Healthy Home Recipes

Easy healthy recipes

When it comes to health, our nation has almost overnight woken up to taking our bodies a little more seriously. We’re working out at the gym, attending strenuous yoga classes, going for a run in neighborhood parks and shuttling between Pilates sessions and TRX training. It’s safe to say that India has slowly but surely [...]


Food for Glowing Skin

Food for Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t want good skin? We’re all forever in the pursuit of that one magical product that can take care of uneven tanning, moisture issues, blemishes, rashes, pimples and everything else that comes in the way of clean, glowing skin. There are countless number of products in the market that only add to the confusion. [...]