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Case Study


For Aanchal, who had to give up her career to devote herself to motherhood, pursuing her passion as an entrepreneur has not been all smooth sailing. Her husband showed confidence in her capabilities and supported her with the initial business investment. With her will to lead, Aanchal partnered with Snapdeal in 2010 and witnessed her [...]

Randhir Singh Tomar

Randhir Singh, an MBA professional worked for 10 years before he had to quit his well-paying job owing to some career setbacks. Empowered by Snapdeal, he dived into entrepreneurship to never look back. Sharing his exciting and rewarding journey with Snapdeal, Randhir is ecstatic of his business growing at a robust pace of 500% YoY [...]

Keshav Jain

Keshav, a third-generation entrepreneur shares how his 65 yr old offline business took an online turn and witnessed a sky-rocketing growth with Snapdeal. Having grown his business 5X in just 8 months, he believes it is Snapdeal which has helped him take the first and most memorable step towards his resounding business success. Proud of [...]


All set to touch 10-Cr mark with Snapdeal!


Swati Singh, who worked as a software engineer for around 6 years joined hands with Snapdeal to start her own business for a life more successful, balanced and fulfilling. Venturing into Women Fashion Accessories business with Snapdeal in 2013, today her business is witnessing 600% growth YoY with Snapdeal. Providing her an ultimate platform to [...]

Rakesh Agarwal

Introducing Rakesh Agarwal, an MBA professional who now runs multiple categories with Snapdeal is proud to share how Snapdeal has changed his life for everything good and made him a successful entrepreneur at the age of 26. With astounding business growth of 1000% through Snapdeal, Rakesh reminisces how far he has come from owning a [...]

Suman Dash

A mother and thorough entrepreneur by heart, Suman Dash founded Vastradi with a passion and purpose in mind to help create sustainable lives for hundreds of talented craftsmen and artisans across the country. Joining hands with Snapdeal gave Suman a direction to live her passion with perfection bringing more discipline and process into building a [...]


18-year old makes crores with Snapdeal


Lakshya Goel embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Snapdeal at a tender age of 18 while he was still in school. Infused with incredible amount of passion for business, Lakshya is all thankful to Snapdeal for helping him unlock his entrepreneurial instinct and taking his business to astounding growth of 4-Cr in less than a [...]


A proud mother of two, blazing a trail through the business world as an entrepreneur with Snapdeal, Pravidhi Lakhotia is our seller from Home and Kitchen Category. Attributing her amazing entrepreneurial success to Snapdeal, Pravidhi feels proud to have been able to create her own identity as well as her brand Fancy Centre through India's largest online marketplace. [...]


Meet Ishank Galhotra, a 23-yr old engineering student, who took a plunge to embrace the entrepreneurial journey with Snapdeal. Witnessing an incredible growth of 300% Q-o-Q with Snapdeal, Ishank feels proud to reckon a new wave of growth for his flagship kids clothing brand, Shoppertree. With Snapdeal driving his 2 yr old business to such [...]

Anjali Jain

Aspiring to be a source of inspiration for many, especially young women who dream to lead as an entrepreneur and make big in life, meet Anjali Jain, our seller from Home Furnishing category. It is amazing to see this 24-year old businesswoman running a business almost worth a crore and aggressively pacing to cross the 10-crore [...]