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The home stretch

Golden Design Rules

Golden Design Rules

Nate Berkus once said “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” While designing a house is never an easy job but sometimes this is just the thing you need to keep your peace. While every space should follow its own unique design but there [...]


Monsoon Home Care

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After the pitiless sunny weather of the season, the rains are a comfort! While the torrents bring down the temperatures, the rains also bring with them a number of illnesses which are a result of water stagnation and the general moisture in the air.  While you enjoy the rains, it is of utmost importance that [...]


Get a Room Makeover Without Spending a Bomb

Get a room makeover

When Ellie Rodriguez said “The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.”she was was quite right, wasn’t she? But can you feel attached to your home till the time it doesn’t represent your heart and soul? The easiest way to own your space is put out some individuality in [...]


DIY Home Decorating Tips

DIY Home Decor Ideas

After a tough day, nothing is better than coming back to a well self crafted house to give immense peace and happiness not only to the mind but also to the soul. It’s said that one’s home décor describes the kind of person one is. With this intention, we have a few home decorating tips [...]


Give your garden a summer makeover

Garden Makeover

We spend so much time sprucing our homes and forget that the first thing people see when they walk into our house is our garden. It’s summers and your garden should be the most colourful spot in your house. While roses are red and violets are blue, it’s about time you tried something new (at [...]


Ways To De-Clutter Your Home

De-Clutter Your Home

Life is chaotic enough and your home should be the one place where you can find your peace and re-align with yourself. Clutter in the home space can make the sanest of sane irritable. Look around, do you see an ill organized house, stacks of bills, and things piled up rather than stored? Our suggestion: [...]

Affordable Real Estate

In all of India's major metropolitan cities, property prices have soared to heights that aren't remotely in the grasp of the average urban Indian. This great disparity in property rates and the purchasing power of prospective home owners reflects the lack of affordable housing in our great metropolises. Fortunately, where the metros are found lacking, [...]


Making The Perfect Filter Coffee Just Got Easier!

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Don’t we all love a great cup of coffee? You can have it at any point in time and it will completely rejuvenate you and give you a great start to the day And speaking of great coffee- what rules the roost is the traditional South Indian filter coffee. Its rich aroma and fresh taste [...]


Desserts You Should Have At Every House Party

House Party Desserts

Spring has quickly turned into summer and what better way to usher the sultry weather if not with a house party! Theme set, guests invited, menus mulled upon, the stage is set for a great party. A tiny problem though, in the chaos of all the party planning what needs to be the climax of the [...]


While total room makeovers are fun, there are many simple, easy and inexpensive ways to quickly spruce up any room in your home. Check out these budget friendly decorating ideas which will give your home a fresh look in record time.   Illuminate the Aura: The soft glow of string lights brings in a whimsical feeling and a truly dreamy look. Whether [...]