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The home stretch

5 Things Your Bedroom Needs Now

5 Things Your Bedroom Must Have

Your bedroom is a place you want to rush back to after a long hard day. If you are one of those who spend most of their time in bedrooms, here are bigger reasons for you to own these things today! Your personal space should have everything that makes it nothing less than a sedating [...]


3 Spring Season Colour Themes for Your Home

3 Spring Color Themes For your Home

As we embrace the beautiful spring season, let our homes get a feel of it as well. Nothing works better than creating a look around a single colour as it’s one of the most stylish ways to decorate. Here are a few colours and rules you must a give a try. YELLOW Yellow is a [...]


Bake that perfect cake

bake that perfect cake

That feeling you get when you walk by a bakery or your favourite patisserie….priceless. Cake has always had a beautifully rich feeling attached to it, so much so that every time you think about it you’re always tempted to get a slice or two or maybe more. So what is it about this sweet-soft-floury treat [...]


5 things you’re doing wrong in the kitchen

5 Thing You're Doing Wrong In The Kitchen

Flavors, aromas and delicacies, there’s always so much going about in a kitchen. To cook is an art, one that’s all about technique, precision and experience. And to serve that meal requires a certain amount of aesthetic too. Whoever said cooking isn’t tough probably has never entered the kitchen. For anything you do inside those [...]


Guide to Buy a Fridge Most Suited For You

Fridge Guide

Buying a fridge can be a hassle at times. A wide range of options from so many different companies only adds to the confusion. We know what you need – Help. Here is a wide range of fridges to help you buy a one most suited for you, because everyone has different requirements and we're here to [...]


5 Kitchen Appliances for the Health Freak in you

5 Kitchen Appliances For The Health Freak In You

  If there is a health freak in you, a perfect kitchen is what you need. Eating healthy is the best way to keep all diseases and illnesses away, eating healthy is the best way to stay fit, eating happy is the best way to stay happy. Give the health freak in you exactly what [...]


5 Essential Gadgets For A Bachelor Pad

Gadgets for your bachelor pad

Thinking of setting up a bachelor pad? Out of ideas? Snapdeal is here to help! Setting up your own bachelor pad shapes your behavior and level of happiness in the outside world. Your pad, is your place of retreat and who wants to retreat to a place they don’t fancy? Here are a few essential [...]


It’s Time to Revamp Your Room

Revamp Your Room

  Every now and then, do you look at your room and say, “this needs something”? Do you have this urge to turn your room into something new, something fresh, something that defines you? Here are some essential gadgets/appliances that will give your room a makeover, turning it into something you really own, someplace you [...]


Give your Living Room a Vintage Look

Give Your Living Room A Vintage Look

  While we live in the present, one should not forget the past, especially when the past has been so stylish and fashionable. Get the experience of living in your favourite decade by giving your living room a vintage make over.The vintage style living room is a mix and match of different styles and fashion [...]


The Art Of Setting The Perfect Dining Table

The Art Of Setting The Perfect Dining Table

Since time immemorial, hosting friends at home for dinner has been a sophisticated form of socializing. Mouth-watering delicacies served over immaculate china as the guests sit around the dining table that’s done up to perfection, nothing is classier than that. While everyone may love going out to fancy restaurants for meal, the charm of having [...]