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5 Must Read Travelogues

Must Read Travelogues

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine. Travel is that part of one’s life that one would never know about until explored. One cannot feel what it is to travel until done by self. Be it the experience or the memories travel for many [...]


Must See Exotic Destinations Around The World

Must see exotice destinations

Travelling drains away all the stress and monotony that has been built up inside us. Every once in awhile, the heart craves a change of scenery and even a few days away can rejuvenate one. Our planet is one of the most beautiful things and it boasts of places that leave the mind in a [...]

Less Known Travel Places

Travel makes the heart richer and it is the reason why going down memory lane becomes so worthwhile. Every once in a while we come across places unheard of, unparalleled in beauty and the first question to come to our minds is “why haven’t I ever heard of it before?”. A famous saying claims that [...]


Travel Destinations For Architecture Buffs

Travel Destinations for Architecture Buffs

For many, life is synonymous to travel because it is what defines them, gives them an identity. If those massive buildings, chimneys, oculus and pavilions attract you to the extent that you dream of being a part of the making of some amazing world structures, you shouldn’t be missing out on these 5 destinations to [...]


How To Travel Like A Pro

Travel Smart Like A Pro

Travelling is what opens our horizons and helps the break the monotony of the everyday routine. Having said that you need to know how to be a traveller and not a tourist. There is a fine difference between travelling and travelling well. Here are a few hacks that will make you a pro at travelling. [...]


Safest cities in the world for the solo traveller

Safe Cities For Solo Travel

The trend of solo travelling is on the rise. It is an exhilarating experience and with no one to accompany you but yourself, it makes for a great self-exploration journey. While travelling alone can be self-indulgent and refreshing, it becomes even more intrinsic to go to a place that’s not just beautiful but also safe. [...]

Wanderlust Bug has bitten

Michael Palin couldn't have been more prophetic than when he said that "once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life." Here are a few tell tale signs that you have been bitten by the 'travel bug'. You know [...]


4 Weekend Getaways around Delhi within 300 kms


  Whenever a weekend approaches, our heart starts wandering in many places. But, the question is where to go? Our experts have prepared a list of exciting options to satisfy your wanderlust as you plan for the next trip. Keep the bags ready to enjoy a relaxed getaway from Delhi! Neemrana: Heritage + Historic site, [...]


Best Cities To Travel Around The World


Some people travel to live. A few, live to travel. No matter who you are and where you go, on September 27 you’ll join a long list of travelers who will celebrate World Tourism Day. It’s a day that aims to create awareness internationally about the importance of tourism and its impact on the world. [...]


Most Famous Hill Stations In The Country

Hill Stations

When the summer heat reaches unbearable proportions and everyday life seems way too boring to be dealt with, there’s only thing that everyone craves for- a visit to the hills! Whether it is to escape the blistering weather or to get away from the mundane city life, or sometimes just to re-live your passion for [...]