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Colour Survival Guide for Holi


Holi Hai!

It’s that time of the year again when the fragrance of gulal and gujiya lingers in every house. Traditionally Holi was played with natural colours made of flowers and herbs. But with time, they have been replaced with chemicals and dyes. These chemicals lead to skin allergies, rashes and damaged hair.

Remember the time when you were a kid and your grandma used to coat your hair and body in oil, before letting you go out and play with colours? Yeah! It’s time to get back to basics.

We present to you our Holi survival guide, so that you can go out and play with colours, without any worries.



Before stepping out, make sure you cover your skin in an oil of your choice. The best thing to do is mix heavy oil with a lighter one – mixture of Coconut and Olive oil works best. Work the oil on your body, covering areas like ears and behind the ears, as it gets difficult to get the colour out from these areas.


Put a generous amount of oil on your hair and scalp, and put them in a chic side braid or a bun, just don’t leave them open! If you have dry hair, oil them, massage some leave in conditioner (you can use your regular conditioner by diluting it) on your scalp and hair and cover them with a scarf.



Apply two coats of clear nail colour or any colour of your choice on your nails. This will help the colour come off easily when you remove the polish.



Contact lenses are a big no no for Holi. It’s time to get those spectacles out! You can also use sunglasses to protect your eyes.



Apply a thick layer of honey and seal it with petroleum jelly. You can also swap this for your favourite lip balm!

Go out and colour yourself, and the world!

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