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DIY Home Decorating Tips

DIY Home Decor Ideas

After a tough day, nothing is better than coming back to a well self crafted house to give immense peace and happiness not only to the mind but also to the soul. It’s said that one’s home décor describes the kind of person one is. With this intention, we have a few home decorating tips for those décor lovers out there to help them revive the vibe of their houses while playing it safe on their pockets.

Wall Photo gallery

Photo Gallery Wall

Memories are always meant to be preserved. Having a wall photo gallery with antique photo frames can add a tint to that boring drawing room and it will also keep all your happy memories right before you so when you get back home, your happy past greets you with open arms!

Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Nothing beats a nice fragrant house. A refreshing and warm scent in your bedroom can do wonders to remove the stress from those hectic meeting you’ve been up to all day. Pick a nice vanilla scented candle, cover it all around with cinnamon stick and rejoice in the woody warm fragrance as you rewind after a long day!

Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars are one of the most trending objects right now. But did you know that they can look really cool when converted into lamps and hung by the ceiling? This is a must try!

Go pastel!

Pastel Decor

This summer, don’t miss out on the most talked about colour theme- EVERYTHING PASTEL. Having pastel coloured storage equipment can bring life to your house. From dustbins, storage boxes to even cutlery, pastels can never disappoint. We suggest to bring out the painter in you and try your hands at painting these according to your colour preference.

Light it up!

Fairy Lights

The right lights at the right place can really help revive a relaxing vibe in the house. Fairy lights are a must have. Bored with that entrance door of the house? Attach yellow fairy lights along the frame of the door and let it create some amazing magic. You can hang some dim yellow fairy lights around your favorite corner of the house and make it look super cozy!

Treating your house as a paradise is a requisite to internal satisfaction. We suggest having a basic idea before starting with a house makeover. Along with the above tips, having the right bedsheets, cushion overs, rugs and plants, we assure you that you wouldn’t need a vacation because your house will be it!

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