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Dressing like a Boss!

Dressing like a boss

Edith Head once famously said: “You can have anything you want, if you dress for it” and there is no denying this. This rings true even in the work environment. You won’t be taken seriously till you command that respect. A well dressed man has won half his battle already. So if you want to be the boss, you need to dress like one. Here are a few tried and tested looks that will make you the star of the office.

Suit up!

Suit up

A nicely tailored suit will take you places, someone once said and in an office it surely will. Inspire everyone around with your meeting attire. Make sure that the suit is well tailored because a tight fighting suit can make your feel boxed and a loose fitting one will make you look sloppy, either way you’ll miss. Match the suit with a classic tie and well polished shoes and you can conquer any boardroom meeting.

Blaze with the Blazer


While suits are the best way to look like a true boss but the weather constricts wearing them at all times. In times when you want to look formal but a suit would mean discomfort, pair a cool blazer with your shirt and trousers/jeans and you will have a look to flaunt.

Man’s best friend: The White Shirt

White Shirt

No office wardrobe can be complete without a crisp white shirt. The shirt and the options that come with it are limitless. However, you need to ensure that the shirt is well-ironed because otherwise you will end up looking shoddy and a shoddy boss is no boss at all!

The Quintessential ties



One of the most notable trends of office dressing is the trend of pairing your tie with your shirt.

A bold, eye catchy tie will become the winner of your professional attire. Moreover, everyone in your office will appraise your trendy style. However, for a sophisticated corporate wardrobe you should have different patterns of  ties in solid colors which can be paired with light shade shirts to make you look like a flawless corporate guy.

Friday Dressing

Casual fridays

Who said office dressing was all about suits and ties. Come Friday and you can celebrate your cool and suave style in your office but this doesn’t mean wearing flip flops to work. To make sure you still look like a boss make sure you have some classic polos in your wardrobe. Also steer clear of the ripped jeans, all you need is a pair or dark blue jeans and a t-shirt to go with it.

There are no set rules in the world of fashion and this has been widely seen in the corporate scenario. Make office dressing fun and #Look2016WithSnapdeal.

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