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Drink your way to health with homemade drinks

Summer Drinks

The one very obvious and rather dangerous side-effect of the hot weather is dehydration. Keeping your hydration game on is the biggest favour you can do to yourself this summer.

If water seems too bland for your taste buds, there are a number of DIY energy drinks that you can make, and trust us, making these yummy numbers is as easy as slurping on them. Here are our favourites, go on and pour a glass of ’em!

Maple-Cranberry-Orange Drink

Cranberry Orange drinks

If you’re one of those who likes their drinks sweet, we have a perfect blend for you. Use ripe cranberries, oranges and add maple syrup to them for an awesome flavour. Another added benefit is that it is very high in Vitamin C so you would have replenished your depleted electrolytes in no time.

Coconut-Lime energy drink

Coconut Lime

While coconut is a powerhouse drink all in itself, it would be nice to tweak it a little. Give it a tropical touch and lace it with sea salts and sugar, lemons and limes and it will become the yummiest health drink you’ll sip this summer.

Watermelon wonder

Watermelon Wonder

Watermelon is one the most watery fruits and is a blessing in summers. Not only yummy, it is loaded in lycopene which because of its nature as an antioxidant will keep your heart healthy.

Give it a twist this summer and mix it with coconut and lime and there will be nothing better than this for hydration.

Cherry on the drink


With the advancing summers, cherries have arrived too, so why not make use of this yummy fruit in your drinks? Take cherries and mix them with lemon and honey and you will get your instant fix of potassium, carbs and sodium all at once. This drink also works wonders for the health buffs sweating it out in the gym as it aids in muscle recovery.

DIY Gatorade

DIY Gatorade

While Gatorade is easily available in stores, but store bought drinks can add up on both calories and expense, so how about some organic DIY gatorade? All you have to do is take coconut water, oranges and lemons and add sugar/salt as per your taste requirements and voila you have your homemade gatorade waiting for you.

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