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Eating Right During Monsoon

Monsoon Diet

After the scorching heat of summers, doesn’t it feel wonderful to be welcomed by the cool monsoon showers? However, as nice as the rains might be, they pose certain health risks. Monsoons reduce the immunity of the body and hence we are more susceptible to falling ill during the rains. Allergies, indigestion and infections are lurking around so this rainy season follow these tips to eat right and stay healthy.

Eat when hungry

Monsoons mean high humidity which makes the body’s digestive capability go down. The most important thing to note is that you don’t stuff yourself unnecessarily. Eat only when hungry. Oily food and street food is best avoided as it can lead to an upset stomach during monsoons.

Eat a fruit rich diet

Fruit Heavy Diet

Fruits are an intrinsic element of any healthy diet but their importance is even more dire during monsoons. Apples, mangoes, pears and pomegranates are the best suggestible. However one must avoid watermelon and muskmelons.

Give rest to the spice

Spicy food can lead to skin allergies and is best avoided during monsoons. To stay healthy and have a radiating monsoon skin meat, poultry and fish should be consumed moderately and should be cooked in light oils like corn oil.

Tea time essentials

Herbal Tea in rains

Monsoons are synonymous with fried food and tea but as good as this may sound it is not a healthy practice. If you love tea, it is advisable to drink lots herbal tea which has antibacterial properties such as pepper, ginger, mint, honey and basil leaves. Excessive coffee too can dehydrate the body and should be avoided.

Following these simple tips will help you in staying safe and healthy during monsoons while you enjoy the pitter-patter of the raindrops. Happy rains!

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