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Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid

Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion is a revisionist and an ever-growing enterprise where trends are cast away and brought back even before you know it. We are barraged with new trends on an everyday basis and seldom, we get side-tracked, give in to whims and commit these fashion faux pas. It is natural to get confounded with all the fabulous influences everywhere and go the wrong way. Here are the 5 fashion disasters every girl should steer clear of.

Visible love handles

If you have love handles, short tops can be a problem. Moreover, wearing tight jeans add to the misery of the look. Skater skirts or lowers fitted from the upper waist rather than from the lower part of your waist can change your look entirely. They compliment bodies with love handles and will make you look as fab as fab can be!

Too much colour

Too much colour in an outfit, can kill the vibe of your outfit. Always make sure your outfit does not have more than three colours including a tint of a neutral colour.

Too much bling is not all that hot

Playing up your outfit with trendy fashion jewellery is for sure a DO but overdoing is a strict no and is also one of the worst and common fashion mistakes out there. A lot of times, keeping it simple yet classy is the trick to look fashionable.

Oversized vs ill-fitting:

There is a huge gap between something being oversized and your clothes being ill fitted. Over-sized sweaters paired up with tights and boots are a hit but a shirt that is too tight or short for you may make you look boxy. Also, the same applies for clothes that are too tight. Body hugging clothes will not only make you look like you’ve gained kilos but will also accentuate your problem areas.

While it’s important to keep up with the trends, it’s equally important to understand which trend suits your body type and which trend should not be aped for the sake of it. So, go out there and let your style speak for you. Just don’t forget to not commit these fashion mistakes.

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