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Fashion @ Snapdeal

By Navjot Kaur Rajiyal

Celebrating Fashion Week at Snapdeal and we don’t talk about styles…Simply, not us!

To start with, getting dressed for workplaces isn’t that easy. Refined, formal, semi-formal, casual, polished, geeky, punk are just a few examples of the looks we see around us each day.

Unless your workplace requires you to wear a strict uniform, which in itself builds up your professional image, choosing clothing for work can be a task each day. Although, most of us love the idea of not having to wear formals at work, we are also confused about how to make a fashion statement with the casual yet stylish wear. This is a very personalised blog of a few of our fashion statement builders at Snapdeal.com. They walk in and out each day and catch all the limelight.




It’s not MONDAY anymore!

Imagine the world dressed in formal trousers, stripped shirts all day long, all days of the week? It can put anyone off.  Add some spice to your daily routine with this vibrant coloured jacket.

Snapdeal recommendation: http://bit.ly/IjdqhWhttp://bit.ly/HVTtMv







Fabulous Fashion!

If being fashion forward at work is your call, adapt this form. Turn heads with a sophisticated timepiece, casual pair of denims, and classic aviators. The style stands alone out rightly.


Snapdeal recommendation for casual wear:   http://bit.ly/JjFEdo







Bohemian, oops Punk!

Punk has its roots in our culture since long but, carrying it as a style at workplace appears to be a little risky. You will either end up being sloppy or make it a super hit. Lay your eyes on rugged denims, stoles and antique neckpieces.

Snapdeal recommendation for accessories: http://bit.ly/I8XkJM; http://bit.ly/J4DWrQ




Tip : An attitude with it is a must

This Fashion week we want you to pull off the best wears for the modern corporate world so get ideas for what to buy and when to shop with Snapdeal.com. It’s a pretty bargain, just try us out.



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  • Anonymous

    You guys do these type of stuffs at office?

    Must be hell lot of fun!
    Are you planning to be featured on “The companies with most satisfied employees” list? *wink*