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Fashion Week Playback – Chapter 9

Fashion Week Playback - Chapter 9

What’s in your wardrobe should now be on the street! Your ‘hood’ style today equals modern runway and how! What makes street fashion exemplary is the element of interpretation that it brings to fashion, not to mention its ability of self-expression that could potentially start a fashion revolution of its own and vice-versa! What’s street today could possibly be a hot, ramp trend tomorrow!

Here’s a lowdown on some promising new, street-style affairs!

The Desi-Street Showdown

We are doing the ‘desi’ street-fashion just right! We’re blending just the right amount of bling, right amount of breezy fabrics, sneakers, thong flats, pigtails et al. Whether you want to walk down Meherchand Market or Colaba, you’re bound to make heads turn. Take a cue from some designers like, Mrinalini, Niharika Pandey, Neeta Bhargava, Rehane and Sanchita.

The Desi Street Showdown

The Global Street-Benders

Upper east side? Or down the quaint streets of Milan?

Global street fashion evolution is so prominent in this season’s shows by Sanchita, Josh Goraya, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Sweta Kapur and Aneeth Arora, who designed easy pieces that take street like no other. Effortless and chic, and accompanied by accessories like over-sized glares, scarves and OTT boots!

 Global Street  Benders

And with this we wrap this season’s best of WIFW! We’re hoping you had as much of ball reading it as we had putting this together. Do write in to us with your feedback, comments or suggestions!