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Friendship Day Gadget Gifts


Friendship Day is almost here and we all are probably scrounging for gifts for are friends that both are valuable to your friends and shows that you care. The best gifts are ones that keep your friends’ likes in mind. Here is a list of gadgets that will make great friendship day presents.



This friendship day give your photography-buff friend a surprise he/she will always remember in their life. The GoPro camera are the best action camera with built-in Wi-Fi which is perfect for Adrenaline junkies which is also waterproof and you can dive into the water and shoot amazing pictures with it.


Portable Speaker

We all have that one friend who just loves music and it will be wise to gift him something that he will always cherish forever. Think of portable  speakers, waterproof and wifi speakers that will be a delight to anyone.

Fitbits and Jawbones


We all love our friends would love them to be happy. It would be nice to buy health gadgets for our friends and show them that we care about their health. Your friend will be in tune with his health and you’ll feel happier too, gifting something that will be really useful. Get them a firness tracker like a Jawbone or a Fitbit and thank us later!

Kitchen gadgets

Coffee Maker

Who said men don’t like cooking? Well for the ones who do, it’s best that you give them kitchen appliances. These will make an offbeat friendship day presents and you can buy blenders and coffee makers with wifi. And who knows your friends might reward you with a yummy lunch.



The one gadget that most of our friends use tirelessly are their smartphones. More often than not, the batteries also must be draining out in which case powerbanks are an apt gift for them. A powerbank will never have them worry about having to recharge their batteries and missing a moment with their smartphones.

Have a fun friendship day and remember no matter what the gift is, it’s the bond that needs to be cherished this day.

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