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Get Phony!

Get Phony!

We are fast approaching the last quarter of 2016 and it’s an exciting time to get a new phone while you wait for your luxury phones to be launched next year. A lot of new phones are doing the rounds in the market and are super popular. Having said that, these phones also make for economical buys so go ahead and spoil yourself. Here are the phones you’ll love to get your hands on:

Samsung Galaxy J3

Staying true to its grain, Samsung has launched an innovative mobile which will  “revolutionize the world of mobiles and help promote safety as well.” The Samsung Galaxy J3 8GB has a feature named the S bike mode where the biker doesn’t get calls when riding a bike. The phone also boasts of an impressive 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and a 1.5GB RAM laced with a display of 12.7 cm, this phone is everything any prospective buyers could want from his phone.

T44 Lite

Panasonic T44 Lite 8GB Smartphone is an elegantly designed for those in the quest of a phone that is a blend of power, accuracy, and execution. The uber stylish metallic body of this cell phone will make you want to flaunt it. This dual SIM light weighted mobile also provides an extended GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation support. It comes laced with magnificent Wi-Fi connectivity to stay connected socially everywhere you go.

Micromax Unite 4 Pro

Get ready to experience the ultimate treasure of  4G network support with the Micromax Canvas Unite 4 Pro 16GB Smartphone. It is a 4G smartphone that can provide up to 150Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed. The smartphone combines a fingerprint sensor with a premium 0.3 seconds of answer time that extends a high-end security of the phone. You also get an access to advanced features such as “text to speech, a single swipe to translate on Whatsapp and free messaging on data between Indus uses etc.”

Samsung J2 Pro

Another phone from Samsung is the J2 Pro which comes with a stellar chrome bezel, a beautiful matte finish, and the classy patterned back, which illustrates the charming and seamless design of the new Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro. The phone also comes with some of Samsung’s most innovating features such as the “Smart Glow (Next Generation LED Notification System), S-Bike Mode and the efficient Turbo Speed Technology (TST)” which makes this phone a must buy. The phone assures of non-stop fun and you can get a lot out of this one phone. Think “multi-tasking, connectivity, web browsing, gaming or movie watching” the phone has got it all.

Get these economical buys and you’ll have a lot of fun trying out these new features which will allow you to make the most of your smartphones. Have fun, splurge wisely and have a blast.

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