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Give your garden a summer makeover

Garden Makeover

We spend so much time sprucing our homes and forget that the first thing people see when they walk into our house is our garden. It’s summers and your garden should be the most colourful spot in your house. While roses are red and violets are blue, it’s about time you tried something new (at least in your garden). We’ve picked a few colourful flowers that will not only give your garden a makeover but also make it a unique one.



The Fuchsia flowers are one of the most beautiful and delicate-looking flowers that your garden can have. They are rather unusual and hardly any gardens have these striking two-coloured beauties. They can grown on hanging baskets and will instantly make the surrounding look lush for the sheer contrast they offer.

Psychotria Elata – Flower of Lips

Flower of Lips

We guarantee you that the Elata flower of lips is not just visually appealing but also very quirky. This plant is affectionately called the ‘hot lips’ plant as it is shaped like a pair of luscious, red lips. Add these red lips to your garden and stand out!

Daisy Hardy

Daisy Hardy

While a known name in the floral world, daisies are often overlooked as they are perceived to be very demanding. Trust us, these perennial flowers are anything but that. When plotted with care, Daisy Hardy will make your garden come alive.

Candy Cane Oxalis Bulbs

Candycane Oxalis

The Candy cane Oxalis Bulbs are so named because of their red and white colour and they are so pretty that you could spend hours admiring them. These candy cane lookalikes with their clover-like foliage look very appealing. Since the plant is South American in origin, it’s best that they be planted in the shady corner of the garden (but not indoors).



If you’re one of those who loves a lot of different colours in your garden, the Sparaxis flower is exactly what you need. Also known as the ‘wandflower’ these are small and very colourful trumpet-shaped flowers that will lift your spirit and that of your lush garden space. These flowers can be also planted in colourful pots to add a dash of colour to your balcony railings.

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