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Home Security Devices Buying Guide

Home Security Systems

Home is our cozy place.

It’s the one place in the whole world that we can call our own, that we wait to come back to, that we feel an intimate bond with. The security of our homes is akin to our personal safety and even the slightest possible threat to either – our home or ourselves – can throw us off-balance.

To help us not feel this feeling of fear, and to sleep safe and sound in our homes we have Home Security Devices. These are the smart systems which protect our homes from strangers/burglars, help us keep our belongings safe and thus they definitely are the very important safety nets that we have in our lives.

Security Alarm

Security Alarm

A security alarm detects intrusion in those enclosed spaces (buildings, homes, offices) which have installed a Premises Control Unit (PCU). The PCU is to the security alarm what the CPU is to a computer (same letters, different devices). The alarm system also comprises of in-built sensors which maybe in the form of infrared beams, vibration sensors and/or photoelectric waves.

When disturbance of any sort is sensed by the waves the sensors transmits the same to the PCU which starts off an alarm, thus warning people of danger around.

While infrared beams do not radiate any energy of their own, they detect motion depending on the heat energy around the sensor. This is not only useful for detecting intruders, but also beneficial in case of a fire break out.

Photo-electric beams are visible, and detect movement when the beam is obstructed. (One of the drawbacks of photoelectric beams is, of course, their visibility!)

While some security alarms use wired transmitters some are unwired, while a few do adapt both in order to achieve all-round benefits. Security alarms are usually used in homes and small shops which are most theft-prone.

CCTV cameras and DVRs

CCTV cameras and DVRs

CCTV cameras are devices used for capturing surveillance footage and may either be digital still cameras or video cameras. Again, video cameras are of two types – analogue or digital.

Analogue cameras record directly to video tape recorders, which in-turn interpret the analogue signals as pictures. Analogue signals can also be converted to digital signals using video capture cards; this particularly helps in easy storage of the videos on a PC.

Digital cameras, on the other hand, do not require a video capture card; they use digital signals which produce photos which are then transferred to the PC directly.

Digital video recorder (DVR) is a device used to store information in non-analogue or digital form. DVRs aren’t very high-maintenance and use quick installation procedures when connected to a PC.

Because of their user-friendliness, variety of options and lack of bulk, CCTVs & DVRs are installed most frequently in homes, shops, offices, etc.



Commonly found in hotel rooms across the globe, a safe stays true to its name –  ‘a storage unit that keeps your valuable belongings safe’. Most safes are fire-resistant, water resistant and also burglar resistant, thanks to the different types of locking systems they come armed with. Earlier combination locks and regular lock-n-key systems were used to lock the safe. As of today, the most popular type of locking system is the electronic lock which uses numbers and letters as passcodes and cannot be hacked easily. When using a safe with an electronic lock, all you have to do is enter the passcode, open the safe, place your valuables inside and type in the password again to lock the safe. As simple as that! Not to forget to mention, simple for you but surely an arduous task for the burglar! Perfect.

Spy cameras

Spy cameras

Spy cameras are similar to digital cameras but for two major differences – their size and form. Firstly, spy cameras are very tiny so that they fit in anywhere (ear, back of the hair, on the lapel of the shirt) and secondly, they are oddly shaped (like a showpiece fish or panda) so that they can be camouflaged and so that they can spy without getting noticed. Also, spy cameras are usually wireless which again adds to the stealth feature.

Video door phone

Video door phone

A video door phone is just like an intercom system but with a camera. It consists of an outer panel and an inbuilt camera, which when accessed by the insider as well as the outsider, makes it possible for the insider to see the latter on the video screen. This is a self operated device which is used as a key check-point before letting the insider home; and if we are to add a very important check-point as there is no safety than that of prevention! If you don’t know the face on the camera, don’t let them in. That’s safety made easy for you. 🙂

Self-security devices

There are quite a few devices available in the market which will help you keep yourself armed and safe. Below is a list of those few

  • Stun guns: uses electroshocks which stuns the criminal and leaves him/her out-of-action momentarily giving you just the small window of time you need to flee
  • Pepper spray: extremely useful for women when attacked by the opposite sex. All you have to do is turn and spray it in his eyes, leaving him blinded for a minute or two
  • Push knives: push knives are shaped like daggers, making it possible to stab the offender

Remember, it’s always wiser to be safe than sorry. Go and get a security device for your home/office today, then. You wouldn’t want to repent later, would you?

At Snapdeal we offer a wide range of home security devices for you to choose from.

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