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How To Look Your Patriotic Best

Independence Day

This Independence Day, like every year, the whole nation is thinking of ways to celebrate. It is a day when the entire nation unites, putting aside all differences and remembers all those who fought for our freedom. Everyone is looking out for ways to show their love for the country, offices are decorated, schools have special functions, kites are flown to signify freedom, etc. This day being so important, here’s how you can inculcate that spirit of patriotism in your attire too and look your patriotic best!

T shirts in Tricolor


A nice and subtle tri-colored designed t-shirt should do the job. Or to make it even more subtle, you could pick any of the 3 colors of our flag – Saffron, White or green. You can also wear blue for the Chakra. Self-paint a white tee to bring out your patriotic look if you don’t have one in the tricolor, because what is better than putting in a little hard work to look your part on this occasion. A T-shirt represents the wearer, what she/he likes, what she/he feels and if you feel patriotic, it is the easiest and most subtle way to show how you feel about Independence.

Face Painting

This is by far the most creative and innovative thing to do. If you want to stand out, but at the same time be a part of the celebrations, this is your best bet. A well painted face, will bring out the patriotic joy in you and all the onlookers who will all be wanting to celebrate with you. If you don’t want to paint your entire face, you can always paint the tricolor elegantly on your cheek and voila! The 15th is a day to celebrate, pay respect, be thankful and be happy, and a painted face will do just that.

Nail Art

Nail Paints

Another way to show your patriotic self is by using nail painting and being stylishly patriotic. Color your way through your day with a bright vibrant nail art, and live up to expectations of the patriotic self in you. Especially, if dressing up in Tricolor is not something you can do, this is definitely an option. Paint every nail like a tricolor or add the three colors to different nails – get creative!

Nehru Jackets

Nehru Jacket

One must realize that the Independence Day is not only a day to celebrate, it is also a day to pay homage to the people who laid down their lives in order to give this nation a free future. For those formal get-togethers, a Nehru jacket is just what you need. A perfect blend of patriotism and style, your dress will bring out the nation’s true colors, its true roots. So go on, grab a Nehru jacket for yourself, and show off India’s true colors.


This is as easy as it gets. For all age groups, attires, communities, these are the things that for real unite the nation. Wherever you go, you will always find people wearing a shawl or a Duppatta or a scarf, with no exceptions whatsoever. On a day of pride, why fail to show pride in what you wear and support.

15th august is a proud day for India and it is a proud day for each and every one of us. We all, in some way or the other, should celebrate this day with pride and passion. A lot of the celebration depends on your outlook and attire, so keeping your attire in theme is a must. With these ideas, get ready and have the best look and the best celebration ever. Happy Independence Day!

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