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How To Travel Like A Pro

Travel Smart Like A Pro

Travelling is what opens our horizons and helps the break the monotony of the everyday routine. Having said that you need to know how to be a traveller and not a tourist. There is a fine difference between travelling and travelling well. Here are a few hacks that will make you a pro at travelling.

Get your research in place


This might sound boring and against the whole ‘I go where my travel takes me’ vibe but an informed traveller is a smart traveller. Knowing the terrain and the culture of the place you are visiting will always be an added benefit. You cannot possibly learn the native language of every place you visit but you should have some colloquial phrases in your kitty.

Leave the luggage paraphernalia behind

Travel light

Unless you are going to a wedding where you need a change of clothes for every event, it’s best that you travel light. The whole idea of travelling is to do something you don’t do in your everyday life. If you are carrying matching shoes for every outfit, you’re packing for the pictures and not the place. Carry the essentials and think of clothes that can be repeated and are easy to reuse. If you’re going on a trek this becomes intrinsic.

Accessory buddies for your travels

Travel Essentials

No traveller is complete without his travel accessories. Carry your earphones if you are a music buff, a camera if photography is your thing. Likes aside, carry the essentials like a compass, a power bank for your phone (swiss knives if you’re going trekking and just in case).

Safety first!

Safety first

Insuring your safety while you travel should not be neglected. Travelling doesn’t mean being callous. Make sure you have your travel insurance in place and are carry your first aid kits. If you are going for a specific kind of travel- biking, trekking et al, make sure you have the appropriate gear and ensure that it is in the top-notch working condition (faulty carabiners and helmets can do more harm than good).

Book it up!

book things before hand

Though everyone has an individual way of travelling, it’s best to book in advance to avoid last minute disappointments or delays. If you believe in impromptu travels, even then you can get your tickets prior to the travels, not only will it be economical but it will also make the travel a surety.

Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman

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