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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone

Upgrade Your Phone

Smartphones create a buzz where ever they go, attracting a lot of attention on the way. The reason is simple, everyone in this day and age owns a smartphone, each for their own reason. With the wide range of options out in the market, choosing a smartphone is not always an easy choice to make and the rate at which new smartphones keep entering the market makes the choice even harder. Here is a list of the most awaited upcoming smartphones with a few details about each to lift off some of the weight from your shoulders.

Sony Xperia Z5

Rumoured to release in September, Sony’s flagship series’ new phone – the Xperia Z5 has been creating a lot of buzz in the industry. It is said to be in competition with Samsung’s and apple’s flagships. With an expected 4GB ram, it will be nothing but an accelerated and smooth experience. Sony, known for their water-proof phones, never fail to deliver the same. So just wait it out, and you may get a phone really smooth, well-built and good looking.

IPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Known for their great quality and customer satisfaction, Apple is one of the largest selling smartphone company in the world. With their IPhone 6 and 6 Plus being bestsellers, they are ready to release the next bomb, the 6s range of smartphones. At the rate at which apple is making their smartphones more user-friendly and better in quality, one can only image how good these phones will be. These phones are even rumoured to be called ‘IPhone 7’ because of the number of changes that are going to be instituted, like an improved camera and a faster A9 processor. These phones are likely to be released in September.

Galaxy Note 5 and Note 5 Edge

Samsung’s galaxy note range of smartphones have never failed to impress, with its high end specs for a mid-range price. Made for the ones who multi-task, who like to do more in less time. Rocking a snapdragon 805 chip, with 3 GB of ram, there are only a few who could beat the Note 4, and the Note 5 is expected to be bigger and better. Rumoured to have a slightly curved back, it will fit just right in your hand, while you are working on three tasks at the same time. So if you are like handling more than one thing at once, if you like power, keep an eye out for these phones.

Nexus 5 2015

Every year google teams up with a smartphone manufacturing company to bring out Google’s flagship device – Nexus. The positives of owning a nexus is basically that it is Google’s. Which means a smooth stock android experience with the new updates coming first to you, also rocking top end specs. Owning a Nexus automatically puts you ahead of the curve, puts you in the future. A nexus device is for those looking for a smooth, bug free and fast mobile experience.

Lumia 950/ 950 XL

A windows phone brings to the user, a totally different experience when compared to android and ios. If you like the experience on the windows PC, this is the phone for you. Rumoured to run a snapdragon 808 and 810 chip respectively, you can bet that these phones will be fast. Known for their cameras, these phones will not disappoint you. A thin metal body with a large, crisp display is what is expected to make this phone shine through the industry and with the launch of windows 10, only a good future can be expected for these phones.

More and more smartphones are entering the market and newer and newer soft wares are taking over phones, all with the sole aim of improving your user experience. With such good quality and perfection set to release soon, it’s about time you upgrade, and you will not be disappointed.

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