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Jawbone- A must have for the health buffs

Jawbone For the Fitness Savvy

Activity trackers are the new fitness fad these days and why wouldn’t they be? You can watch your steps (literally), set challenges for yourself and get more attuned with your body. It’s a brilliant tool which if used productively, can become a inventive aid for motivation. Whether it is the budget-friendly UP Move; its successor the UP2; the flagship Jawbone UP3 and UP4, the health conscious can’t get enough of the Jawbones. The fitness buffs are just  loving these products and here’s why:

Getting healthy and staying stylish

While activity trackers are great, they do look a tad bit underwhelming when worn outside of the gym. Not the Jawbone UP trackers, the UPmove comes with the BaubleBar accessory range which gives it a stylish transformation. With the bracelets with three styles to choose from (Tango, Salsa and Disco), you won’t even realize it’s a fitness tracker adorning your arm.

Maximising your hydration game

Hydration is essential for keeping healthy and yet it is the one habit that seems the hardest to inculcate. Not with the Jawbone at your side. All the Jawbone models can be paired with many apps like the the Pryme Vessyl intelligent cup which will help you track your water intake and remind you when you’re slacking.

Forget all about the sleep mode

Unlike its counterparts in the market, the Jawbone variants  automatically record your sleep data. This saves the users the need to manually turn it on. The Jawbone knows when you’re dozing off and when you wake up.

Food logging made easy

If you’re one of those who forget logging in your meals and snacks, Jawbone devices have a good news for you. If you find manual logging tedious, with the UP3 and UPmove you can simply scan the barcode from the food or drink packaging. What’s even more impressive is that you can alter the serving size once it’s clocked.

Practical reminders

Your Jawbone understands you better than any other activity tracker would and therefore comes with multiple options for some very practical reminders. You can make your device remind you to hit the bed when it’s late. It also allows you to plan your charging time so that it doesn’t conk of  in the middle of the night leading to the loss of the night data. You can also schedule the  time you want your device to give you a summary UPdate for the day.

With these these alluring fitness tracking features laced with an attractive design, the Jawbones are the newest health fad and now that you know why, it’s time to go get yours.

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