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Life Changing Makeup Hacks

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Makeup is like a little box of magic, one swoosh and it turns your day around. Many think of makeup as superficial but only a real lady understands that it’s an armour. With a matching confidence, and equally dashing makeup any woman can be a power machine. However, what to do when you have makeup woes. Read on and you will never have a bad makeup day.

1. Turn a pencil eyeliner into a gel formula with the help of a match or lighter

Pencil eyeliner

Ever experienced how your old eye liner pencil gets harder with use and creates a rather thin line? Now say bye to the vexing lines by keeping the tip of your eye pencil on flame for just a second and let it cool for 15 seconds – say hello to a gel liner. It will just glide on your lids and give you an instantly beautiful eyes.

2. Bid adieu to fading lipstick

Long lasting lip colour

We love our lips to look fresh and vibrant but as the day fades so does the lip colour. Everything good must come to an end, they say. Not anymore! Swipe on your lipstick, keep a tissue over your mouth and then, brush translucent powder over it to set the color. The powder increases the longevity of the colour and protects it from losing its vibrancy.

3. The power of a spoon

Spoon for the perfect winged eyeliner

Yes, you heard it right, we are talking about spoons. Not many understand its true value. Its function in the makeup world is manifold. You can use it to get the perfect winged eyeliner and then hold it when applying mascara so that you don’t get any mascara marks on your upper lids.

4. Substitute paint brushes for makeup brushes

Paint brushes as make up brushes

We all know what a good makeup brush can do, whether it is for contouring our eyes or the lips for that matter. However, they also come at a price, and a very high one. A lifesaving hack when you are low on cash but still want to look like a makeup ninja is to use paint brushes. Many paint brushes are shaped similar to makeup brushes and can get the work done.

5. Make your own BB cream

DIY BB cream

While makeup is a lifesaver in itself, there are days when you really need your BB cream and to your frustration there isn’t a trickle left. Next time you run out of a BB cream, just take a little bit of your concealer and mix it with your moisturizer till you get the desired texture. Apply to face and see the magic unfold!

With these awesome makeup hacks, you too like Rose Pressey’s saying can fight a killer and not even smudge your makeup!

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