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Losing Weight The Healthy Way

Lose weight in a healthy way

Being overweight is a problem a lot of people complain about. Since fit is so high on our priority list, we often see people going on hardcore diets, losing kilos in weeks and then gaining it back. Not only does that cause frustration but it is also very unhealthy. Healthy weight loss doesn’t happen overnight (and if it does, it’s plausibly self-destructive). But if you’re fervent to lose weight for a legit reason, follow these painless tips to augment your diet, streamline your workouts, and shed weight the healthy way.

Eat breakfast


The biggest mistake people unknowingly make is skip breakfast. Skipping the first meal of the day automatically makes your body go into starvation mode and your body slows metabolism to conserve energy. Therefore, the next meal you eat, your blood sugar will spike and you’ll start feeling hungry shortly after and will start loading up on carbs which can be disastrous if you’re trying to cut off your intake.

Eat fruits rather than eating less


Our automatic response to losing weight is to curtail upon how much we eat, however, leading research by dieticians see this as an unnecessary hassle. Rather, try and eat fruits and vegetables instead. This way you replace the carbs cut down by adding proteins and fibers which will not only help to make you lean but your skin will glow and your digestion will improve. As with anything else, think long term here!

Gradually phase out fizz and salty snacks

fried food

If you are serious about losing weight you need to bid adieu to all the sweetened drinks and gradually phase out your salty snacks too. Your calorie intake will drastically fall when you cut out those aerated drinks and the salty savories like fries and chips which make you bloat. The absence of these will turn things around for you as well.

High-intensity workouts


Walks are good for health and there is no denying that, however if you’re looking to lose weight they are not enough. Your workouts should be a mix of weight training and high-intensity workouts. Instead of walks, go for runs. More importantly, keep it regular – One day of strenuous exercise won’t help. Also, give yourself rest days to help your muscles recover and not injure with fatigue.

Make sleep a priority


Not many people realize that sleep is intrinsically related to your weight. A sleep deprived brain messes the hormones in your body that moderate your appetite, as a result there is a spike in the hormones that make you feel hungry. A six-hour sleep is a must, (eight-hour sleep being the ideal) if you want a healthy and lean body.

Losing weight is no rocket science, neither does it need fad diets that leave you thin and weak. Healthy weight loss is one that is sustainable. It means changing habits rather than making drastic diet changes.

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