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Making The Perfect Filter Coffee Just Got Easier!

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Don’t we all love a great cup of coffee? You can have it at any point in time and it will completely rejuvenate you and give you a great start to the day

And speaking of great coffee- what rules the roost is the traditional South Indian filter coffee. Its rich aroma and fresh taste can give the perfect start to any day. For many South Indian families, Filter coffee is a Daily ritual!

Most of us would also want to have filter coffee every day, but, it just takes so much time and effort to prepare! Add to that the disappointment of the decoction not turning out right and there goes your perfect morning!

Filter Coffee

That’s why the new NESCAFÉ SUNRISE INSTA-FILTER sounds like such a great idea. It’s not filter coffee and it’s not instant coffee, it’s a whole new world of coffee made with revolutionary dry decoction granules which lock in the essence of authentic filter coffee in every sip.

So, Filter Coffee lovers, brace for this exciting new innovation; it’s sure to redefine your daily morning ritual; and guarantee the authentic filter coffee taste every time!

All you need to get this authentic filter coffee taste without any hassles is-

  • Traditional Steel Tumbler
  • Sugar, Milk and Water
  • About 2 minutes of your time

Just add one heaped teaspoon of NESCAFÉ SUNRISE INSTA-FILTER dry decoction into the tumbler and add some hot water to it.

Gently stir the mixture and take a minute to savour the rich aroma as the dry decoction granules burst open in the water

Now you have a fresh decoction ready! Just add this to hot milk and add sugar to taste.

You’re almost done! All you need to do now is tumble the coffee a few times to get that great cup of coffee

So just Sit back and relish the rich, authentic taste of filter coffee in every sip. Isn’t that simple?

Thank you INSTA-FILTER for giving us the great taste of filter coffee without the filter!




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