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Men shop more for grooming products than women online: Snapdeal Report


If popular perceptions are to be believed, the fairer sex is often perceived to be investing more time in pampering themselves. Breaking the myth, a recent sales trend report by Snapdeal, India’s largest online marketplace, states that personal care shopping is a more popular category among male shoppers.

“This is a growing trend across the entire assortment in the category, with grooming electronics and fairness creams being the most sought after products by men.  In 2015, men bought 2.5 times more personal grooming electronics as compared to women.  In fact, during the recent Snapdeal Republic Day sale, Men’s shaving trimmers were the highest selling non-mobile electronic products. Also, we sell more face scrubs, bodywashes, etc. to men than women”, revealed Rahul Taneja, VP – Category Development at Snapdeal.

The Snapdeal study further reported that, amongst women, make-up category is extremely popular online. Snapdeal recorded a whopping 700% growth in the last six months in make-up category through huge sales volume in daily use items like kaajal, lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish and eyeliners. Within women’s personal hygiene category, hair removal products are most popular followed by sanitary napkins.

Gentlemen’s Quotient: Snapdeal says

  • Men bought: 3X more perfumes than women in the last year
  • Sales of men’s fairness creams grew by 60% in the last six months. Maharashtra topped the charts for sale of men’s fairness creams, followed by Karnataka, UP, Delhi and West Bengal in that order
  • Growth rate of men electronic grooming products is 20% more than women personal grooming products

The Ladies’ shopping bag includes:

  • Make-up, personal hygiene goods like hair removal products, sanitary napkins.
  • Make-up sales grew 700% in the last year
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