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Monsoon Home Care

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After the pitiless sunny weather of the season, the rains are a comfort! While the torrents bring down the temperatures, the rains also bring with them a number of illnesses which are a result of water stagnation and the general moisture in the air.  While you enjoy the rains, it is of utmost importance that the house is kept clean, dry and well-kept. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your house all spruced up this monsoon.

Taking care of the wooden fixtures

The rain mist can enter in your precious wooden fittings and furniture like drawers and cupboards and can easily ravage contents. You should utilize naphthalene balls in your wardrobes which will preserve your clothes and other costly things from dampness besides the insects. You can also make use of the neem leaves and cloves as it checks the silverfish infestation into your cupboards in rains.


Monsoons home care demands a lot of cross ventilation and light as possible. This will aid in taking away some of the monsoon moisture and will also remove the dampness. Care must be taken to remove the excessive precipitation in the air as the wall hangings, carpets and furnishings can get destroyed. If the humidity is more than usual, employ dehumidifiers.

Home Cleaning

A regular home cleaning regimen is a must during the monsoons. Floors should be mopped by a citronella detergent and oils can be used on doors and wooden furnishings so that they don’t absorb a lot of moisture and prevent them from swelling up. Carpets, upholstery, and curtains should be vacuumed and furniture should be dusted up.

Garden Care

Taking care of the garden is as important as the house itself. For this, the hedges need to be trimmed. Trimmed plants won’t lead to fallen branches and the sunlight won’t get obstructed. You need to weed out the unnecessary plants and also prevent water stagnation in the garden or in the plates the indoor plants are kept in as they become breeding grounds for insects and cause infections and diseases.

Make sure you follow these home care tips and make your rains a time of enjoyment and not a hassle for you or your beautiful house.

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