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Monsoon Ready Tresses

Monsoon Ready Tresses

For most women, their hair are their prized possessions. Hair demand special care and nourishment and this rings truer during monsoons. Monsoon rain can be acidic in nature and can damage your precious hair. Here are some tips to keep your hair radiant and monsoon-proof.

Oil regimen

Oil Treatment

Monsoons lead to a lot of hair fall and have an overall drying effect on your hair. It is the call of the season to oil your hair. However, care must be taken that you don’t overdo it. Use a light hair oil to give your scalp a dry massage. Too much oiling means overdoing shampooing too which can lead to dry and lifeless here so avoid that.


Monsoons mean your scalp gets more oily and sticky because of the humid temperatures. This means regular shampooing which comes at a cost. You will have a clean but dry scalp which can then make way for dandruff. The best way to fight this dilemma is to use a mild shampoo and ensure that you don’t forget to condition your hair.

Healthy diet

While you can do everything to take care of your hair during the monsoons, many forget that diet plays a very intrinsic role in protecting and strengthening your lovely tresses. Eggs which provide iron and protein, walnuts that are vitamin E and omega-3 rich should be included. Fish like salmon and mackerel; spinach and yogurt too help make your hair strong and luscious.

Stop the Frizz

Use Serum

Monsoons are synonymous with frizzy hair and for obvious reasons. The hair get wet during the rains and swell up and it’s not possible to wash them every time. To avoid your hair from getting frizzy you should keep them conditioned and a serum always. Another way to avoid frizz is to give your hair a gentle wash with the tips of your fingers.

Make sure that you keep your hair when going in the rain and use a wooden comb instead of a plastic one and your hair will look their beautiful self all through the monsoons.

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