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Office Wardrobe Essentials

Office Wardrobe Essentials

We understand the pressure and the toil work life brings in, be it submissions, strategy, or meeting targets. But how can we forget that office is one place where being well dressed and presentable is of utmost importance too? So, all the workaholics out there, check out these wardrobe essentials to help you make your lives easy yet classy.


It’s a common saying that old is gold. It for sure is. Nude pumps are the one thing in fashion that have stayed ever since. Not to forget, they come to rescue when you’re getting late and you have no idea what to team up with your outfits.

Silk scarf

Uplift outfits and turn them from being boring to being fun with a colourful silk scarf. Scarves can be worn in different ways like the drape style, pull through or the double knot style. You cannot miss out on these ways to look super chic.


Turtlenecks are one trend that looks ultra classy. Worn to work teamed up with retro pants is a sign of strong personalities. So, the next time you go for an interview, instantly impress with this style!

Silk blouses

These come in handy when you don’t know what to wear and are running late on time. Be it a simple plain coloured blouse or a printed one, they can be paired with skirts and pants equally well.

Ballet flats

When talking about work essentials, we can’t miss out on ballet flats. They are every working women’s saviour and best friend. How can we forget what a beauty they look in pastel colors

With these wardrobe essentials, we assure you, you will never have a hard time making outfit decisions when you are preoccupied with a zillion other things but looking good is equally important. These will carry forward your style statement without any disappointment.

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