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Online Shopping trends on Snapdeal.com

We all love to browse, add our favourite items to the cart and shop but to know who is shopping for what counts for some interesting trivia.

Based on the demographic locations, gender and categories of products we have some juiciest facts for the month of October, 2013. Dilwalo ki Dilli is now trendy Delhi as it tops the list of Fashion hotspot followed by -Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata. Can you believe that a pair of shoes is sold every 30 seconds on Snapdeal and while a saree every minute. Pune, the city of youngsters, ranked the highest in the purchases of t-shirts. The most searched fashion product for men on Snapdeal.com this festive season was shoes while for women it was the sarees.

We are all brand crazy. Yes, we are! And some of our favourite brands are Puma, Casio, Wills Lifestyle as they featured among the popular brands list. The blazing red and classy black works for us everywhere, as they were the preferred colours of the season. This is just a glimpse of the interesting facts, now take a look at the infographic below which illustrates all the Online Shopping trends on Snapdeal for the festive month.

Online Shopping Trends Infographic

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