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Signs That You Have Been Bitten By The Wanderlust Bug

Wanderlust Bug has bitten

Michael Palin couldn’t have been more prophetic than when he said that “once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.” Here are a few tell tale signs that you have been bitten by the ‘travel bug’.

1. Long weekend goals

Long Weekends are meant for small trips

You know you have been bitten by the ‘wanderlust bug’ when long weekends don’t just mean ‘more sleep’ and lavish brunches but weekend getaways. You believe in seeing a little bit of the world, one long weekend at a time.

2. The world map is like a mental to-do list for you

The map is your travel bucketlist

Every time you look at the world map you cannot help but mentally check the places you’ve been to and are already on to the next ones on your ‘to do’ list. You also happen to be the one everyone turns to when they want some efficient travel hacks and survival tricks.

3. Unveiling the writer in you

You've truned into a travel blogger

You didn’t know you could pen your thoughts or what Ibn Battuta meant when he said “travelling turns you into a storyteller” till your wanderlust inspired you to start your own travel blog.

4. You’ve become a travel shopper

Shop for travelling

You know you’re a traveller when your shopping wish list isn’t all about heels, designer bags and party hats but also includes trekking shoes and backpacks. You make sure to save for the tickets and your travel must haves. Balance is key!

5. You don’t travel to live but live to travel!

Live to travel!

While most people travel to escape the monotony of the routine,  you on the other hand think of travelling as your life and the routine as the ‘in-between ‘disruptions between travels (and you are always on the lookout for a job where you could be paid to travel.)

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