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Snapdeal’s Data Lifeline – A Solution to your data problems!

Data Lifeline

We may not realise but we are much more dependent on our phone’s internet data than we’d like to admit. Everything’s all hunky dory while we have our internet packs and all that round the clock social networking and checking-in, posting pictures, booking our rides and paying our bills. It’s only when the data limit exhausts that we find ourselves wishing we had just a little bit more data.

An answer to all these data problems is Snapdeal’s ‘Data Lifeline’ for Android users. The Data Lifeline is a genie that will give you data when you most need it. For every ₹50 or more recharge you get using the Snapdeal App you win a token, and with 10 such tokens you can avail 100MB of 3G data – your Data Lifeline. Whenever a user avails an ‘Data Lifeline’ 10 tokens will be deducted from his/her account.

With the launch of this ‘Data Lifeline’, you can now get 100 MB 3G data for those moments when you run out of your data pack and need to send an urgent email or download an important document or book a cab! You have been using the app to recharge your phone in a few quick steps and now you can also get extra benefits of getting 100 MB data. Find out more about Data Lifeline here: http://bit.ly/DataLifelineSD

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